(Worth & Worth “NATALIE” hat, Vintage coat, D. Brand sweater, J Brand velvet flares, Modern Vice “carly” boots)
I designed this perfect little hat with Orlando Palacios at Worth & Worth, the very best NYC hat atelier! He’s one of our very good friends, and I have just about every shape/color hat from that man! Always trusting his pieces will be the most outstanding! This time, I wanted something so unexpected. Yes, I love the wide-brimmed hat…they’re my go-to’s, but how is it that every girl has one now in the city?! I like going for pieces nobody expects from me when I’m getting dressed. For this beautiful navy chapeau, I chose a square navy body and patent leather visor. It’s a bit toy-solidier, a bit French, and just oh, so COOOOL. Really a show-stopper….something I’d totally rock out on stage in at a gig. It’s a rare piece you can’t really get anywhere else! The icing on the cake? A lavender embroidered plume on it’s left side. Now, I officially own my dream hat, unlike any other. 
You can now also get the NATALIE hat here at Worth & Worth! (

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41 Responses to THE NATALIE HAT

  1. velvettovagabond says:

    I’m in love with your French 70’s vibe! This outfit is sooooo cool! And doesn’t every girl need a ‘jaunty chapeau’ in her closet? hahah! I got one in Paris a while back when I was like, 10 and it was pink! It doesn’t fit anymore but I totally wish it did! Oh well, maybe my next awesome hat will have to be The Natalie hat- or something almost as cool.

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