(MUUBAA suede coat, Karl Lagerfeld at Net-A-Porter plaid shift dress, Chloe handbag, Gold & Gray tassel bracelet, Modern Vice booties)
So much has been going on this past week, that it’s literally been so hard to find time to just sit down, write, and even just check my emails. I woke up earlier today (slightly hungover) just so I could catch up over in this department. I’ve had my parents with me through all of the week and weekend’s adventures, and that for sure can get you a bit party pooped! I love them to death! Even my boyfriend can’t seem to get out of bed at the moment. I think we all need a detox. Anyways, besides big family dinners, they came with me to work…just like the good ol’ days! TOPSHOP, Nordstrom….even stopping to my shoot yesterday with the incredible W Concept. They love being there, snapping up pictures like the adorable mom and pops that they are. Best part? Running into a group of girls from Chile during the shoot, who’ve been following and just wanted to stop and say “hi” in the middle of our shoot. I seem to run into everyone in DUMBO, Brooklyn, my old home. Anyways, it’s been COLD, COLD, COLD. For running around the city, a good coat all I need at the moment, and some hardy stockings that won’t rip the moment I take them for a walk. Here, I’ve got on a stunning Muubaa suede coat. So thick, that I can just wear a tiny plaid shift underneath and some stripes. My favorite combination. 

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