(10th Tribe tee, Rebecca Taylor leather/denim moto jacket (similar), AG JEANS high waisted jeans, Cleobella handbag, Kamryn Dame gold cuffs, Ax + Apple spike ring, Vans Girls sunglasses, Vanessa Mooney rings, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” STUDDED JETT boots)
There are those mornings where I accidentally snooze my alarm, and literally have about 10 minutes to get dressed. That’s when I go to my all time favorite look. The white & black combo. The very female JAMES DEAN version of my style. Retro sunglasses, the perfect crew tee-shirt (but with some added dots), a white leather moto jacket, and some killer pair of high waisted super-skinny skinny jeans. My true OFF DUTY days. But when i’m in the dusty Modern Vice shoe factory, I’m trying super hard not to get my clothes dirty, and stay put in the design lab. Our STUDDED JETT still remains a personal favorite next to our simpler styles. We’ve been working hard…but it’s a rewarding feeling, getting to see our creations in our all-time favorite retailers. This week, my parents will be joining in on all the fun. I’m so so excited to see them two, they’re so darn cute! Can’t wait to take them with me on gigs, and a big photoshoot coming up next week. For 8 years already, they’ve been following me for work, always waiting on set. It’s exciting they can now join me in NYC for just a few days!
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