Here I am, at home in NYC, shot with my boyfriend and best mate, Jordan, on a sleepy Saturday morning. Emma came over for an early photoshoot, her hands full of coffee and croissants. She is the cutest and I’m so happy we finally, after weeks of delay, were able to shoot! I met her a while ago at the Modern Vice factory..and I knew right away, “this girl is rad!” Who knew that months later we’d be shooting together. I wasn’t sure what to wear, and I always find myself on a weekend too lazy to look through my overflowing closet…dresses here, jeans there…all so overwhelming. The photographer wanted nothing but to simply shoot Jordan and I in bed. Neutrals and whites, perfectly lighting up the frame from the light coming in from the window. My T-Pee lamp forever a glow in the corner. Jordan stayed in a white tee, as I chose to be layered up in all my comfy favorites. A Free People floral bustier and skirt, vintage kimono, and printed Stance socks. We’re cuddlers, what did you expect? Hah! Emma had us rolling around in the sheets, before she got the perfect shot…with me lying on his back…tattoos and all! I love these little snapshots. Raw, and a bit mysterious. Lovers and friends. Here’s just a peek into my world.

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73 Responses to WHEN BOY MEETS GIRL// shot by EJK

  1. M.from barefootcloud says:

    Your eyes,both of you are ancient..
    Like you travelled for so many years..like you are one..
    Love to see Jordan so relaxed and simple and you are so genuine and incredibly beautiful..
    Amazing light..
    Very good work by Emma JK.


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