The Striped Pantsuit

I’ve always, always wanted a pantsuit. Something that’s easy, a bit slouchy, and just so darn rad. This baby arrived in the mail as a surprise and I fell in love. It reminds me a bit of Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger, but just a little bit more relaxed. And can you believe the boyfriend prefers when I dress like this? Completely tomboy and classic and without a touch of makeup? I, on the other hand, are a cat-eye girl, a like that little swipe of eyeliner every morning! Here I’m snapped by the roof garden, finding color only by the flowers lining the wall. The skies were grey with a slight drizzle, and my hat acted as my umbrella, the only thing to shield to my face. Now, the city’s super hot and you can find me in nothing but teeny tiny little dresses, walking through the city with a glistening face thanks to the humdiity. I like it that way. This short week has actually felt really long…I find myself falling asleep on the couch long before I realize I should probably get myself to bed. TGIF right?
Today I get to see all my favorite babes at DKNY, shooting for “Be Delicious” and PUREDKNY Fragrances! They’ve got me playing stylist all week, and I’ve been finalizing our last minute looks at the headquarters. Here’s to a good Friday!! 
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55 Responses to The Striped Pantsuit

  1. Katie Rea says:

    You wear the suit well, you’re right it is a tom boyish sort of style but you make it look very feminine. I like the slashed tee too with the long necklace, nice touch!

    Get yourself some rest this weekend if you can, hopefully that will help with the tiredness! enjoy yourself

  2. Panty Buns says:

    I love Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger! That transition in the weather was amazing (I live out on Long Island, and it happened here too). I love your cat-eye eyeliner. You make that Striped Pantsuit look great but I’m also very sure you really rock those teeny tiny dresses!

    P.S.: I thought it was really cool when “Suarez” trended World-Wide on Twitter earlier today. I’m glad you liekd my Tweet about it (I’m @Panty_Buns on Twitter).

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