Lifting in the Wind

(ASOS “chambray” dress, True Religion leather jacket, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Vintage blouse, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” VINTAGE BENNI)
I’m up a bit earlier than normal…yep, I’ve got to rush to the factory. There’s a high school fieldtrip going on, and this, I can’t miss! Talk about fun! I love when when the boyfriend gives the grand tours! Of course by now, I know the place inside and out. Shoes here, lasts there, machines that-a way. Anyways, for work and running around in the rain, I’m not quite sure what I should wear anymore. Docs that allow me to jump in puddles, and some black skinny jeans have become my go-to in not so happy weather. Luckily, the weekend had one beautiful day. It was a day to jump around in a teeny tiny babydoll dress and leather jacket and feel completely at ease. This baby is ASOS, and as part of their #justifyyourlove campaign, I’m styling it out as many ways as possible come Spring! It’s so small, it just lifts in the wind!! Anyways, this week is full of early call-times, all leading to one weekend to finally plop down on the couch. It’s only Wednesday baby!

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