To Will’s Ranch

 (Harlyn blouse, Vintage coat, Hudson “Nico” Jeans, Vintage Chanel bag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” JETT JODPHURS)
 I’m jumping a bit forward here, skipping a few moments through Christmas, to my last day in LA. I love when Dylana is the photographer. Always she takes all of my favorite snaps. I really wish she would pursue photography more…this babe knows her stuff! Anyways, this was a very special day. Dressed like a woolly mammoth thanks to my newest American Rag xmas present, we hopped in my car, and drove to the one place I always go to escape, the top of Pacific Palisades, to Will Rogers Park. We go, we run through the green grass, and hike breathlessly to the top like kids, just to get that view of the Pacific. I’ve been coming here since the day I was born. No joke, I was looking through our baby photos, and there we were. My dad, being an LA native, always knew the best places to take us. The 4 of us together can do just about anything together, and have fun, whether it’s peaceful or crazy. I already miss my mum and pops!! Can you believe my holiday’s nearly over already and I’m back in NYC? I had a shoot just 2 days after Christmas, and yep, I’m back to work here on the east coast. Looks like I’ll be having a real city New Year’s Eve! I’m excited for what’s to come this next year. I thought this year couldn’t top the last, and it did…2013, you’re bound to be incredible. 
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