Rich Knits

 (Muubaa leather/wool knit sweater and leather pants)
I’m dreaming of cuddling in this giant Muubaa leather and wool woven knit once the chill hits NYC. For now, it’s folded at the top of my closet, peeking out at me every morning, waiting to be thrown on. It’s so big that it really does swallow me whole, but that’s what I love about it. A fireplace, some candles, and good tunes will all just add to the coziness in my apartment this coming fall. Paired with leather pants and a black beanie to shield me from the storm, it may just become one of those “live in every single day” looks I fall in love with. 

49 Responses to Rich Knits

  1. GEMMA says:

    This post reminds me of winter and I’m so looking forward for it 🙂 Clothing is much more fun since you can keep on adding layers.
    Ckeck out my blog if possible :

  2. danielle says:

    i love muubba! i’m literally dying for colder weather so i can wear my muubba jackets again. and i’ve got a helmut lang leather vest (that i stupidly bought in july) that i cannot wait to wear. screw summer. bring on sweater weather.


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