(Free People tunic, Juicy Couture jeans, Dylana’s sandals, Alimonada accessories, Bonlook sunglasses)
Summer is creeping up on us like nobody’s business and I’m trading in my jumpers for light tunics and bold denim. I really don’t have a fear of getting gross and grimy and so I prefer to bike everywhere…as do my crazy friends, even when the sun is out and we’re sweating bullets. I mean, come on, my tunic already has plenty of holes and I do have troubles keeping my jeans clean, but when you’re lying in the grass and hitting the pavement, you’re bound to get dirty. Over in Philadelphia, I stole my friend’s mint green Schwinn, which at first, had completely flat tires due to a year of sitting in the garage. After a quick fix at the local bike shop, we ended up spinning all the way to the art museum. Ending the day in a sun coma is the absolute best.

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