Overlooking You

Back at Coachella, I spent a little too much time in our Palm Springs backyard, basking in the sun, overlooking all that’s below. But even the incredible views and swimming pool didn’t keep me from jumping on the next shuttle en route to INDIO, where all the bands played. With the ferris wheels, makeshift domes, and psychedelic square patios, the Coachella grounds were like a whole different universe. It was the perfect, peaceful break from my crazy NYC life. And finally, the tan is starting to show up on my skin! All I felt like wearing were rocker tees with an insane amount of holes, funky little floral shorts, and the Muubaa red leather (which I never let leave my side). My wrists held jewels that I gathered throughout the trip and of course, my right arm displayed the wild amount of wristbands collection from the shows. Music festival season is indeed my favorite time of year. Though New York just decided to get all cold and rainy, summer is slowly creeping closer and closer. I can’t wait for the day I can once again slip into a tiny pair of shorts and some killer lace-up boots.

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