Open Spaces

(Vintage jacket, Joie blouse, American Apparel riding pants, Anthropologie flats, Chanel bag, Ax+Apple necklace)

California, do you miss me yet? I do miss you, though I’m back next month…but for some real desert fun (cough, cough, Coachella) and I can’t wait to prance around in your open fields again. California, to me, always means no makeup, more time outdoors, and a hell of a lot more chill time. Here I am snapped just a few blocks from my home in Cali, where horses roam, and there aren’t any sidewalks. You won’t hear a peep here unless it’s the rustle of leaves from the oaks trees or a random animal out in the brush. I made my way up the cracking, winding streets in nothing but a rad pair of riding pants, a sheer blouse, and one of my favorite vintage jackets. Earth tones will always dominate my wardrobe.

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111 Responses to Open Spaces

  1. Dandy-Doll says:

    Dear Natalie,
    It’s been years now im following you on blogspot and you truly inspire me. Recently, I started my own fashion blog and this is such an adventure already. Last night, when I saw your comment, I felt very touch and honored. Being complimented by someone you admire is amazing. Thank you beautiful! Your blog is fantastic and your outfit always an inspiration 🙂


  2. Zanita says:

    Oh these look so good on you! I love the colour.
    The lighting is pretty here, nice and moody.
    This is going to be the year I get to the states Natalie! I’ve got you in my sights (lens)!
    Hope you’re awesome xx


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