The Key Ring

(Motel Rocks dress, Mango leather jacket, Hue dotted tights, Jewelmint key ring)

As you know, I’m obsessed with all kinds of rings. Right now, I can’t stop wearing this Jewelmint key ring. I love how it comes as 3 separate pieces that I can wear anyway I want…either stacked all together or each on a different finger. It’s a bit mysterious, with it’s dangling locks and little open key hole. Speaking of dark, mysterious things, I’m back to black and it may be because of the weather that I’m leaning towards darker shades. I wish it hasn’t been so cloudy here in SoCal. I need me some sun! But I still went out in a tiny figure hugging dress. With something so prim and proper, my leather jacket made the whole look feel more me.

Stay tuned as I will be showcasing a new Jewelmint piece everyday this week! For now, receive 50% off your first purchase with the promo code: DUTY

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103 Responses to The Key Ring

  1. garde says:

    love this city pics of you. so natural, stylish, and you are very inspiring in these pics. congratulations for this work this time 🙂

  2. The Jones says:

    Jewelry with strange little details like that always intrigues me…love your ring especially, how mysterious for sure! These photos are awesome, you’re lovely as ever.

    <3 Cambria


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