Me and My Leather Pants!

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Leather Pants: Zara, Blazer: Promod, Shirt: from Malaysia, Booties: Stefane Kelian

I’ve been on the lookout for leather pants and finally found the perfect pair over at Zara. Ever since I’ve been back from overseas, I’ve been finding the time to throw these bad boys on. Soft, supple leather, perfect for everday wear. Paired them with a blazer I got while in Kuala Lumpur. Found it at a really cool store called Promod that we don’t have at the States. I love the structured shoulders look so much! So basically, this is my go-to look when I have no care to sift through my drawers! And I had to throw on the bracelets I bought from the Balinese during my stay in Indonesia. The Balinese women showered them with good luck before giving them to me. Spirtual healing indeed!

159 Responses to Me and My Leather Pants!

  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks for you comment! I love your leather pants… I’ve been looking for them all the winter but I couldn’t find anything nice and affordable 🙁


  2. DIANA DYE says:

    I love your blog to death I think you know that hahaha!
    And am doing a post latter on this week dedicated to more of my lovely followers each week I do a bunch…That’s how much I love you all hahahaha!♥
    I love your leather pants they are sooooo amazing am in love!♥ but only you could full them off, I’ve tried and I don’t look that fabulous my legs are not that long if you catch my drift.
    And I love your last post on PRENZA SCHOULDER titled “She comes out at night” am in love with Dark purple lips (I must create a post on this I must)
    Oh doll take care and I’ll be back soon
    Love Dye♥

  3. Ms. Givens says:

    Always stylin!
    I put on mustard colored yellow skinny pants with a black sweater, black studded Gianni Bini flats, tortoise shell glasses and long gold & black beads from Forever 21.

  4. A and A says:

    So happy your back!

    Also delighted that Bali treated you well… the people there are magical indeed. Got some of my favorite jewelry in Ubud… what was your favorite spot?

    Beautiful pants dear… you look perfecto.


  5. Maria says:

    I was face to face with both YOU & DYLANA today in front of Forever 21
    at the galleria mall !!!!

    a second before I recognized you guys, I thought “wow these girls are stunning and stylish”

    Realizing it’s you guys, I turn around & you guys are gone 🙁 .. wish we could have talked! such a great surprise none the less

  6. Valencia Lia says:

    Adore those leather pants and they do seem really comfy to wear around too! Adore that shouldered blazer,I think we have Promod here because I have to hunt that blazer down.

    Ohhh,did you trim your hair girl? It looks slightly shorter now heee

  7. smokylash says:

    Thank u for your comment its nice 🙂

    I can say that your look is amazing, the leather pants is perfect on you, and you are so cute 🙂

    (I follow u this blog is perfect !)

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