Pink is my jam this season. Whether it be in a popping shimmer eyeshadow or glittering sequin top, I can’t get enough of it. Shades of pink follow me everywhere I go. From a soft coral coffee cup at my local cafe to the sun faded walls of the South of France, I notice it all. My everyday question “wait, does it come in pink?” Central Park blossoms in my favorite hue this time of year, and luckily, I was actually in town to celebrate it. I can’t help but take a moment to crawl under the cherry blossoms and squint up at the sky. Laying on the grass with the buzz of the city moving around me makes me feel like a kid again. It’s just you, the earth, and the clouds whisking by. Lately, I’m appreciating all of the little things my city has to offer and taking a moment to step outside a lot more throughout my day. I’m looking through the city with rose colored lenses because everything looks better in pink.

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You may recognize these out-of-this-universe Emilio Pucci sneaker. They starred in my latest #PucciMonochromes campaign video, and I’m giving them a little comeback! They’re so good! I would never have thought a neon yellow pop would really compliment this red carpet dress from Manila Grace, but it just works. This is my after-party look. The red carpet dress paired with a shoe I can actually dance in. These past few weeks in NYC have been pretty insane. With spring in full swing, it seems like there is a gala or celebration just about every single night. Team Suarez has been having a blast with our nights out on the town. One of my personal favorites? Visiting a new hot spot in our neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn: Soho House’s new Dumbo House. This exclusive new location to Soho House has been much anticipated for members around the city. It’s located right about the luxurious Cecconi’s restaurant and has stunning waterfront views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Think sparkling chandeliers and delicious cocktails in glasses that could immediately have been taken out from the 1920’s. With plush velvet chairs next to floor to ceiling windows, it reminded me a posh little nightclub in London. As the Brit’s would say “so lush.”

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I am still pinching myself after Cannes Film Festival. The south of France is truly magical. It’s a place I want to revisit and continue exploring. Endless beaches. Gorgeous little towns. Delicious, fresh food you can’t get anywhere else. I will be rolling out many stories with you from my Cannes getaway with Away and Grey Goose within the next few weeks, but I thought I’d share a little quick sneak peek at our stunning villa: Palais Away. Our villa was perched up high in the hills, with insane views of the ocean and the town below, glittering in the night. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the fresh air and buzz of the bees every single morning. I can only imagine how calm and quiet the town must be outside the film festival. Right now, Cannes has instantly been transformed into a Hollywood red carpet. Imagine going from hotel to hotel where everyone is sporting a black tie and dazzling, sparkling gowns. The more glamorous, the better. The gowns I wore were all super special to me and designed by one of my very best friends. Take a peek at this romantic number. A super low back, a full skirt, and sexy scarf hanging down the back. This is a shape that really accentuates the female body, making it swoon-worthy from every single angle and with every turn. It has a vintage touch thanks to the luxurious fabric and beautiful off-white color. It’s a dress that I want to keep in my closet forever and forever, just for the memories and stories behind it. Here I am in a  little hidden spot in the front of the villa. With spring, the property was in full bloom. There was so much green! I felt like I was living out a novel. had officially found my own secret garden.

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For me, the best thing about being a KORSVIP is getting early access to new arrivals. I wanted to be one of the first to get my hands on this incredible polka-dot suit. I happened to get this white bag and platform shoe to match! I brought it with me on my recent work trip to LA because it’s a showstopper of a look; refined with Michael Kors sophistication. I’m excited to share my love and insight on KORSVIP and how you too can take part!

KORSVIP is a customer’s rewards program. It offers elite services, gifts, and experiences to loyal customers in the US. It’s completely free to join . . . simply download the KORSVIP app or enroll online and in-store. The more you spend and engage with Michael Kors, the more the benefits, status, and rewards! The amazing thing about being a KORSVIP is the free standard shipping in the US, a birthday reward (anxiously awaiting November 3rd!), and an annual member gift! I recently went in to get dressed for an upcoming event and as a KORSVIP, you can too. Think private styling appointments, free gift wrapping, and invites to private in-store events. For a brand that I grew up with and identify NYC style with, I love having this close personal connection with the brand at the touch of my fingertips whether it be discovering a new collection to gathering up points for exclusive event invitations.

Earning points with KORSVIP is extra simple. $1=10 points. Just by signing up you receive 100 points. 50 points when writing a review. 10 points per wishlist item. You receive points just by engaging as a loyal customer. My review on the pantsuit is 5 stars because it’s such a fun look to sport. It’s a suit look I recommend to all my fellow KORSVIP members looking to shake up their wardrobe with more pattern.

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