Good morning everyone! I’m currently writing from my ocean view balcony here in Kapalua Bay, Maui with my Veuve Clicquot team and I couldn’t be happier. I have fallen in love with this balmy, Hawaiian air. NYC humidity, you’ll just have to wait until I’m back! So far, we’ve sipped countless glasses of champagne, had the best massages ever, and spent hours swimming with the sea turtles. It’s been magical. Anyways, I just wanted to say a little Sunday hello as it looks like I’ll be working remotely from my laptop for the next few weeks. Backlogged on emails and everything else, I’m too busy soaking in the sun on island time. Maui -> St. Martin -> then straight to London for a shoot. I’m in and out of NYC for the next month. EEEK!! I’m getting as much R & R today until I’m hit with Monday madness. In the meantime, check out this incredible Fendi ensemble I took to the streets of Tribeca.

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The brand new Nexxus salon here in Tribeca, New York City is absolutely stunning. I’m so excited to give you the inside scoop on my salon experience, and darker, more mysterious hair! Nexxus is known for their Nature Science Salon products. Nexxus completely understands hair fiber and how it reacts to natural proteins. It wasn’t until my prep for the Tribeca Film Festival that I got my first incredible Nexxus protein treatment and I became hooked. Nexxus has been able to combine powerful ingredients from nature, it’s science to unlock it’s power, and heritage in the salon to make a statement with every single product. It’s amazing that their home base salon, once a place for private appointments and celebrity clientele, is now open to the public for bookings and appointments. Take a peek inside this stunning space.

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I am certainly taking a cue from Titanic this morning with this look. It’s totally a bit of Edwardian era style from the early 1900’s…super soft, flowing fabrics. Pre-World War I. Elegant shapes. Ruffles. Corset, cinched waists. But of course, my own modern spin on it. I totally also see tiny bits of the 30’s and 50’s in here as well. Totally something I could have sworn my grandmother wore on the front porch of her Los Angeles home, based off all the blurry black and white film photos I have in my scrapbook. She had incredible and elegant style…I was so surprised when I heard it was my grandfather who actually had a lot of input in the dresses and clothes she went shopping for. Everything back in the day accentuated the woman’s body. Extra feminine. High waists were always cinched. Skirts were always slim and below the knee. Here’s my modern take on this very vintage inspired look.

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Every beauty brand I love is mastering my favorite product: a killer eye palette. They are a lot more like works of art! I’m not talking about creating your average smoky eye, but a play on pastels, bold hues, and of course, some summer bronze. Here I’m wearing the By Terry shadow stick in “Acqua Mint.” Isn’t it just lush? Unexpected, yet so romantic.

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