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Here I am in the fairy tale world of Gucci x Unskilled Worker. I am so excited to be bringing this gorgeous Gucci collection to life. Exclusively online for a limited time only, the collection features whimsical portraits by Helen Downie, a London based self-taught artist. It was her Instagram account, @UnskilledWorker, that caught the eye of Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele. Each one of her characters immediately tells a story. Wide-eyed innocence. Glamour. Childhood. Imagination. Longing for the unknown. Her gorgeous prints and embroidered works of art twist your imagination. It’s the play in opposites in her imagery that makes you take a second look. Like the balance of toxic and sweet in the artwork in the blue print seen on the silk shirt, skirt, bag, and slippers. If you look closely you’ll see poisonous mushrooms mixed with colorful poppies amongst a wild field of flowers She calls it “Jeanie’s Garden,” all of which are a reminder of her grandmother’s scent. Then, you will be the “Stein Sisters,” two country girls longing for the glamour of the city. They stand so straight with wide eyes…their portraits pop beautifully against the gold silk dress and bomber jacket. It’s that feeling of mystery, innocence, and the unknown in Helen Donnie’s artwork that I love. Her designs, portrayed so elegantly on Gucci’s stunning silk ensembles, classic Marmont handbags, and Princetown slippers make for a super eclectic, yet romantic look. The collection is adventurous and luxurious…filled with pieces to connect with and colors to fall in love with. I stepped into this fairytale forest by layering it on. And with Gucci, it’s always in the little details. Silk scarves tired around my head. Printed knee-high socks with glamorous platforms made for the dance floor. Delicate pearls against a not-so-simple white tee-shirt. Who said you had to be a minimalist when it comes to fashion? I say, be a maximalist. The Gucci x Unskilled Worker collection makes mixing styles of street, art, and luxury feel seamless. I love this daring style where sophistication and personality intertwine. Now which look is your favorite?

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Hobo is known for their incredible leather. The way it molds to my body when it’s slung over your shoulder. The way it ages with each wear, every scuff or mark adding to its laid back charm. Hobo is meant to be lived in, no matter the season. They get softer and softer. Here I am featuring two of my favorite Hobo bags, both in stunning, neutral shades that go with just about everything…in colors that reflect the deserts of California that I grew up in. Everything from the burnt brown mountains to the dark green landscapes. Sure I’m a NYC girl now, but it’s the scent of suede will forever remind me of life of the west coast in the cowboy town of Los Angeles.

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I am so excited to partner with Herbal Essences for their Embrace Change campaign where women celebrate how change, big or small, can be healthy and liberating. How something as simple as your hairstyle or haircut can inspire a new chapter in your life. How confidence shines through when you overcome fear. Fearless of embracing imperfections. Fearless in tackling obstacles. Fearless in taking that jump and making an important move in your life. When it comes down to it, when I look my best, I feel my best. When I feel my best, I am unstoppable.

Throughout my life and career, I’ve dealt with so many changes. From being thrown into the modeling world at 15, to moving to NYC on my own without knowing anybody. All I had was a one suitcase, a strong work ethic, focus, and most importantly, a lot of courage. With this early independence, I learned quickly that I had to remain confident and positive…even when the challenges of moving to a new city comes your way. It’s about finding your support system, a good group of friends, and a lot of self motivation. Rather than fitting in, I longed to stand out. New York City was that place for me.

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As a New Yorker, it’s so important to get out of the city, and drive. I’m an LA girl, born and raised…we love being behind the wheel. It’s that freedom of being able to cruise, escape the chaos, and breath in the fresh country air. Having a car in the the city is the ultimate luxury. Meet the new Audi RS3, isn’t it a beauty? This baby just launched in the US for the first time. My absolute dream car. It has just the right amount of space for packing in my friends, just enough room for luggage, and still feels sporty and super chic. This car can really fly, literally going from 0-60 in literally 3.9 second! I love the way the engine roars when I press the Start button…Audi always makes me feel like I’m in a race car. Here, I did one night in Cold Spring, in upstate New York with my sister. We were ready for farm-to-table dishes, a spa day at our favorite apothecary, and a few moments to just soak in the gorgeous views. Like they always say, “the road is better than the inn.” So here are a few of my favorite snapshots along the way.


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