Ok, I have just stepped up my game when it comes to weather-proof clothing. Say yes to hopping into puddles and dancing in the snow because designer brands like Marni, who collaborated with Stutterheim on this raincoat, and Sylven, a sustainable boot company based in NYC, are making practicality chic again. Did I mention these recycled rubber rain and snow boots are lined in shearling?! So yum. I kept on my very 60’s and 70’s mod blue theme and even gave my lids a little smudge of Tom Ford’s latest eyeshadow collection in Tempte Bleue. When in doubt, choose an all-over color. It never fails. For now, it’s time to click shop now for these perfectly retro rubber essentials.

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In winter, it’s completely acceptable to do oversize everything. Tomboy city chic. Right now, I’m completing my every look with this new coat by Anonie. This emerging Brooklyn based designer brand has mastered the art of outerwear…revamping must-have classics like the 80’s shearling coat but giving them a cool new twist like here, with it’s gorgeous plum detailing and high-low hem. Anonie has made what was once a vintage, bohemian style a lot more clean, minimal, and all around effortless. I am also eyeing the extra luxurious Barracuda coat in bronze, made to be reversible so that you easily get 2 coats for the price of one. Pre-fashion week, im all about discovering emerging designers and curating my closet for the coming month of va-va-voom looks, with pieces that will last forever. Quality versus quantity and less is more is certainly something im embracing more this year. I am actually writing right now from the airplane to Los Angeles. Editing, catching up on emails, and finishing up the last pages of my new read, The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan, a story on how gratitude and little bits of thanks can change your life. I’ve been wanting to find more ways to be gracious more often towards my life and the good things about it, even when I feel too busy to think about these kind of things. I’m working harder on that. Inspired by the book, I’m trying to focus on the upside of every situation, like the shitty NYC weather. For example, rather than blaming the city for the super low temps and storm heading our way this week, I easily switch up my mood but focusing on why the cold can be a plus . . . more days snuggled up in this stellar Anonie coat. I’ll give any reason to keep it around me as long as I can!

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Sending out a quick hello! Many of us have this Monday off and though I’ve been buzzing about my house and catching up on work, I’m finally taking a second to step back and unwind. I’ve just packed up for Los Angeles today and when I’m in a time crunch, I always go for black with a play on textures. Sheer top? Check. Cropped flared jeans? Check. Starry bralette? Check. Layer it up and viola, you got yourself a kick ass look. Like I told you a few posts, I’ll be sharing some unpublished looks in between regular programming…like this one, caught outside the Jill Stuart show in nothing but Jill Stuart of course. Can you believe fashion week is quickly approaching? There’s still so much Team Suarez is working on beforehand including a quick work trip to Paris that I can’t wait to tell you about. For now, I’m happily enjoying the quiet holiday today, out of office, and will be signing off real soon to thoroughly enjoy an unplugged Martin Luther King day. A great MLKJ quote is: The time is always right to do what is right. Now is a time more than ever for us to voice our opinions, stand up for what we believe in, and simply, do what is right. As an independent woman we take on a lot of responsibility…and each day brings new challenges that need to be conquered and addressed. There’s no holding back. Luckily, with the power of social media, every voice can be heard. Today is one to unite and spread the love.

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I begin and end my day with music. On weekends, my mornings are upbeat. I blast some Marvin Gaye, dance, and cook up some pancakes. My nights are a lot more mellow. Candles and soft jazz music relax me as I work at home late into the work week. These two times of day are my absolute favorite. Because music flowing through my home is a complete necessity, I had to get my hands on the Master & Dynamic MA770 wireless speaker. I have been eyeing it for quite some time. My NYC loft is minimal…a mix of concrete, wood, marble and a pop of red in my pipes running along the ceiling. This Master & Dynamic speaker fits in with my clean aesthetic thanks to it’s hand-finished concrete composite. The stainless steel grille is actually magnetic so you can remove it to switch up it’s look and expose it’s components. Talk about super chic. But let’s talk about the sound quality. It’s shape and geometric form gives it a super pure sound unlike anything else. Crank up The Rolling Stones and you certainly won’t feel the floor vibrate. It’s that sleek. When I play a song, it sounds rich and expansive, flowing through my home perfectly. I can count on this speaker to set the mood no matter the occasion, and in style.

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