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Working in fashion, I have become extremely interested in how and where things are made. As a model, blogger, and editor I’ve been lucky enough to meet with designers and brands, visit factories all over the world, and learn first hand from craftsmen how a product is made. I always fall in love with the process, and most importantly, the story behind each piece in my closet. Timeless products that never will go out of style. That’s what my style is all about. Wearing pieces that will live on through decades. What I fell in love with at State Optical Co. is how all of their products are made right here in the USA. Chicago in fact. State Optical is the world’s truly first American brand of luxury eyewear. They wanted to accomplish the impossible by creating amazing products right here in America, and by doing so, continuing to motivate others to blaze their very own path. I’m so excited to be celebrated among fellow free-thinkers, innovators and creators in the State Optical Co. New Originals campaign. It’s all about accomplishing something that has never been done before. For example, how the blogging world has completely exploded. It’s a total honor to be named a pioneer in this new and continually evolving industry. It makes me smile that there are actual college courses in “fashion blogging.” When I began NATALIE OFF DUTY in 2009, all I had was Facebook and a head full of ideas. I was in my bedroom at home in LA creating my URL, and was like…”I think I’m onto something.” As a model, I felt I had the knowledge and experience to create my own brand. Tell my own stories through my own photography, writing, and style. The beauty with the digital fashion world and social media is that the opportunities are endless in using your voice as a powerful tool. It completely broadened what I was already doing as a model…I could be behind the camera, in front of the camera. It’s all about having total creative freedom. Making my own visions in my head come to life. To me, New Original means embracing all of your individuality, and letting it shine. Embracing what makes you unique and different. Using your voice. Having the courage and ability to live against the norm. To dare to purely be you. I get asked daily how to start a blog. But it’s not so simple. What sets you apart from the pack? What are you passionate about? It’s simply finding out what you love, and what you want to write about. It’s about being genuine. I was always myself. Even when I was the goofiest, craziest person on set, I never hid my personality, and that’s what made me…me. I think that’s what helped me really stand-out  amongst the crowd. I wasn’t afraid to be different. And I have fun doing what I do. I love what I do. It’s never felt like a job.

I sat down with STATE to answer a few questions on everything from blogging, style, and a few tips of advice. See more on here.