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Father’s Day is this Sunday and I’ve been shopping for the perfect gift for my Pops! My Dad is honestly the coolest dude I know. I always say he’s just such a rockstar. He’d always play me The Rollings Stones, The Doors, Bob Dylan growing up. The lyrics his Bible. He’s one of those Dad’s that will do absolutely anything for his family, always reaching for the stars. His imagination always running wild, always cracking jokes. And what I’m most thankful for is that he’s let me live the road less traveled…never a word of disbelief in my dreams. It’s hard shopping for someone so un-materialistic…and who normally hates when I purchase him gifts! “All we need is love!” So I went with some fun items from Nordstrom I know he’d actually love!

He is a total adventurer himself. Being an LA native born and bred, we grew up by the beach, and TEVAS have become the only thing he now feels comfortable wearing. (And with socks of course!) He always says he needs a new pair of Tevas. He wears them to the bone so I got him a few new pairs along with some killer headphones by Frends (for jamming to The Doors!), and a G-Shock watch made for his late night strolls down the Santa Monica pier with my Mom. His city by the sea.


// TEVA mens sandals, G-Shock watch, Frends headphones //

*Sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle*