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This summer really has been unlike any other. I’m grateful to do what I love and travel the world, and still get to come home to NYC and be completely grounded with my closest of friends. To me, these real moments are what life is all about. Being around the people you can be your most honest self with. Your dorkiest, funniest, weirdest self. That’s important. And right here at home on my rooftop in DUMBO, our weekend meeting spot. We got together this Labor Day Weekend to catch up and cheers to the end of summer. Our girl’s night always complete with everyone’s favorite, Stella Artois. A cold beer on the roof is what summer in New York City is all about. And we are all about chill vibes at Casa Natalie. For some reason, Stella Artois tastes even better from the bottle. Cool and refreshing. We spent the night giggling and reflected on everything. Those last minute escapes Upstate. Summer romance. Gallivanting in the heat in Paris. Getting completely sunsoaked in the Hamptons. Speeding in the NYC taxi with our windows down blasting music. Getting away with wearing the shortest of short shorts. I can’t believe summer is almost coming to an end. I can already feel the crisp fall air rolling through. I’ll definitely miss this summer and all of it’s revelry. Summer to me always feels like freedom. The freedom to take Friday off and escape into your own world of imagination. Part of our tradition as friends is to grab a balloon, make a wish, and release it. I wish for more nights just like these.


In partnership with Stella Artois.

Photographed by Dylana Suarez