Monthly Archives: June 2018


Cords are back and better than ever. When my favorite blue jeans are in the wash, the next best thing is a classic pair of cords. Even better when it’s in a matching get-up. They’re soft with a little stretch….totally made for dancing. Starting today, I’m dedicating at least an hour of every single day to a little movement. That could be setting up my yoga mat in my living room for a good stretch or putting on my baseball cap for a long run along the waterfront. It could also mean blasting “Praise You” by Fat Boy Slim from my stereo and getting my dance on. I realize how important movement is for my mind, body, and soul. Maybe it’s time I get my booty back into a good hip-hop class. I find creativity comes in bursts, and it’s always when I let go and have a little fun. I’m working on so many exciting projects at the moment so it’s a major time for me to let those creative juices flow. Work doesn’t always have to feel like work.

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There really is something magical about the faded pink walls at The Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s classic. It’ll never go out of style or feel out-of-date. Talk about an absolutely timeless location. I can get lost in it’s lush maze of bungalows, finding myself going in circles. When I’m in LA for work, I like any reason to take a lunch meeting at on of the most iconic spots of all time. I don’t know when will be the next time I’m in Los Angeles, but I’m hoping soon! I’m currently back in NYC, with a packed schedule and a few travels coming up. Think France, the Hamptons, and a few more amazing music festivals. Summer on the east coast is always extra busy. It’s prime time for shooting, along with fitting in that extra epic rooftop party. I had a shoot every single day this past week meaning waking up early for 5am call times. With that, I start my day off by slipping to my go-to: an easy printed dress. I count on this Etro number to immediately feel put-together no matter the time of day. Silk is my #1 fabric of choice because lately, comfort and ease are my best friends. I’m taking this Monday to finally get a full day plugged into my computer and catching up with conference calls and emails. There’s so much my team and I will be updating you on soon! I find it so important to take a slow Monday to get organized and energized for the week ahead.

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