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A Blue Winter

(Vintage Nifty Thrifty coat, H&M scarf, Rugby by Ralph Lauren boyfriend jeans, Marie Turnor “La Rue” bag, “Natalie +  Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” VINTAGE BENNI’s)

Some winter days are meant for extremely oversize boyfriend jeans, and boxy coats, because guess what, it’s THAT cold. Slipping and sliding through the ice, I had just come out of a shoot, and honestly, after anything revolving around posing in little dresses, all I want is to throw on something HUGE and cozy right after. Plus, I left on the killer cat eye the makeup artist did on me…if only I could do this every single day and perfectly, but I’m getting there! Anyways, I was that blue dolphin chick on a pizza hunt in my neighborhood of the East Village. I love my new home. Our new apartment is so so so cute and cozy. I’ll try to have images up soon somehow, but we’ve still got loads more decorating to get too. Work weeks, combined with weekends doing mooore work always get in the way! It’s all worth it though, lots of really cool features and work coming your way in the coming months. For now, I’m still on the hunt for that perfect bedspread.

Don’t forget to sign up to my vintage heaven, Nifty Thrifty, where I scored this killer coat in their Brooklyn warehouse. I can’t wait for my next visit. 

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Taper Jeaned Girl

I gave in, I’m now wearing tights under my skinniest of jeans during the day, yet trying not to give in to hibernation at night. I can feel the chill down to my bones! Anyways, I’m become a sucker to the cropped camo jean (well, cropped on me), and little oxford shoe. Say hello to our newest creation, the VINTAGE BENNI shoe, aren’t they rad?! Every step feels that much cuter in them. Lord knows we’ve got some cool things cookin’ up at the factory. Paired with a western fringed blouse, and brown toned coat, I feel like driving out far away to the mountains or something, to huddle by an outdoor fire. A girl can dream right?! Anyways, it’s back to the NYC grind just before what is lookin’ like a crazy busy February (oh, and fashion week). Bring it on. 
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Rock n’ Roll Love

Photography by Kelsea Kosko
My boyfriend and I rarely have images together, and so my good friend and brilliant photographer, Kelsea, thought why the hell not bring us into her studio and get the deed done. All styled by both Jordan and I, it was a quick and killer shoot. Jordan is a rockstar on his own, now isn’t he?! Being one of the brother-duo masterminds behind Modern Vice, he brought along all of our latest MV JETT collection shoe designs to pair with vintage frocks, destroyed denim boyfriend jeans, and numerous hats. The flared jeans just happen to be my favorite…I mean, I had to throw in some hippie love! So there ya have it, my first couples shoot. I love seeing Jordan here, looking so high fashion, when he really is a complete goof. I can’t wait to get these in print! And it’s true, all you need is love. 

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The Traveling Nomad

 I miss the rock n’roll vibe of London, the bee-hived hair, and the lads, dressed in black trousers, smoking a cigarette down the road. All the cool kids eating Sunday lunch on the beer-ridden streets of Shoreditch in camo jackets, and ripped tapered jeans. I found myself doing the same, sporting all vintage, never brushing my hair, and picking up a pair of round John Lennon sunglasses. That “I don’t give a care” attitude will always remain in my heart hehe. And that was before we made our way to Paris, where the people are posh, yet you could go to Le Baron and drink a beer and slam a tambourine with the locals. Little hats, a short frock, and a navy blue wool coat were all I had for our 2 day stay. By the end of Dylana and I’s big Europe trip, we had ripped stockings and knotted hat hair. Talk about a wicked trip!
Luckily for work, I get to travel all over the world. BARBADOS is one little island that I still dream of visiting again. Between shooting, I swam in the clear blue waters with giant sea turtles and little fish swimming just by my legs…it was paradise. Island living really is a dream, especially during snowy NYC days! I can’t wait for my next island adventure…and in this polka-dotted one piece 🙂
A last-minute trip, Morocco was absolutely beautiful. The large dishes of hummus, buttered rice, followed by small boat-rides through Oualidia, was like living in a Woody Allen movie. where everything’s gold and beautiful. And I still think of the our villa, and cannot believe we actually stayed there! My room was like a cabin, with a wooden door and lock key, coal fireplace, and  Moroccan oils left in the bathroom to take home. Just a light leather jacket was all I needed for the days out exploring this colorful country.
HOME SWEET HOME! AMERICA! Woodstock, just a roadtrip away from the city. Where Janis, Jimi, and rock n’ roll legends have passed by, in flared jeans, and spray-painted cars. I loved the home-y vibe of the place. The small cafes, the New York accents, and charming little homes. HIPPIES WELCOME. 
I cannot believe how many little corners of the world I’ve come to know. London, Paris, Barbados, Morocco, and so much more. I want to dedicate 2013 to another year of living free, and traveling the world. Here’s to crazy, wild adventuuures!!!!!

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