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Sunsets in Nicaragua are absolutely stunning. We decided to ride horseback to the beach for that dreamy moment. 4:45pm get on horseback. 6:15pm finally arrive on the beach just in time for that pastel pink sky that somehow turns a bright orange just before nightfall. What I love most is the freedom that comes with riding a horse. The cool breeze. Taking a much slower pace. Really getting to exlore what was around Maderas Village. Just the sound from the horse’s hooves and the monkeys howling in the trees. We galloped past farms and through dirt roads just as we felt a few raindrops hit our heads. Yes, it’s rain season in Nicaragua meaning we were just about to get completely soaked! Luckily, I came prepared. The entire trip, I have been living in the True Religion Audrey Boyfriend jean. Classic, and slightly baggy, but tapered at the hem. As the rain started to hit, I had to take off my beach cover up to stuff in my bag, to keep my camera safe through the storm. Leaving me with just jeans and a crochet bra. Now that’s island life attire. I quickly snapped some video on my GoPro (film to come soon!) at magic hour before jumping back on my horse. The warm bed in our hut and a watermelon margerita the only thing on my mind. We arrived totally¬†drenched, but unable to stop smiling. And who doesn’t want to get kissed in the rain?


// True Religion Audrey boyfriend jeans, Urban Outfitters crochet bra, 6 Shore Road bikini, SabrinaSL leather chokers //



From San Juan Del Sur, we boated out to the stunning Jicaro ecolodge, on it’s own private island off the coast of Granada. We were immediately greeted by iced lime tea, and the rush of fresh air surrounded by nothing but green lush. It felt nice to be so remote. With only about 5 other people on the island, it was extremely quiet and peaceful. Just the occassional sound of a boat passing by. Our casita was extra romantic. Two stories, super minimal, and all made of wood. I spent most of the afternoon dipping into the pool, before slipping on a perfect pair of True Religion jeans, and lying on our hammock. The sound of the waves hitting the rocks below like a lullaby. I had no intention of going back to main land.


// True Religion Cora Midrise jeans, She Made Me crochet bikini, We Are Handsome kimono //



I’ve had Nicaragua on my mind all summer. Maderas Village our final destination. Little did we know we’d be doing a lot more adventuring that sticking by the local beaches. I couldn’t wait to capture the country’s untouched beauty and colorful culture. And love any excuse to pour hot sauce on just about anything. A bottle perfectly set on every table. I knew that the country wasn’t as developed as some of Central America, but I was ready for a wild adventure in all of it’s rawness. For these types of adventures, I always travel in jeans. They survive just about anything in any circumstance. The more torn up the better. True Religion remains one of the softest denims out there, and you cannot beat their perfect slim fit. Being a California native, my style has always revolved around denim. Of every single wash. It’s currently rain season in Nicaragua, and I knew I’d be living in some good denim blues..whether it be just spread across the hammock at our casita or galloping on a horse at sundown. I packed my 2 favorite pairs. The Audrey boyfriend and Mid-Rise boot cut. Both getting better with age. I would immediately stepped into my jeans with my bikini on after getting out of the swell while surfing to warm up. Easily transitioning into the city nightlife of San Juan Del Sur by throwing on a vintage tee. We did as the locals did. We rode in the open back of the truck speeding down the narrow streets, holding onto our hats. Ate huevo rancheros every morning complete with a side of tortillas. We even rented a dune buggy for an afternoon zooming through the dirt roads, discovering secret beaches and passing the local farms filled with cows, chickens, and pigs. Traveling somewhere so foreign, where life is still so simple, is the perfect escape.

More from my True Religion denim diaries coming soon.


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