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There’s nothing more classic than a white turtleneck, denim overalls, and a shearling coat. It’s exactly what I’ve seen my mom wear in Santa Monica back in the 70’s. I’m here in LA this week for a shoot today and every time I’m home for work, I’m back to sporting this easy, vintage-inspired style. My mom had a coat just like this one when she was my age. It’s a bit of a West Side girl thing. We like anything comfortable. Things big and oversize enough to cuddle up in when the cool sea breeze rolls on in. This one in particular was passed down from my boyfriend’s grandma. It’s so good isn’t it? I’ve been taking it on my morning walks overlooking the cliffs of the Pacific Palisades. The sun shining in my face. Won’t everyday feel this good?


//  7 For All Mankind overalls, Wolford bodysuit, Vintage Hugo Boss coat, Sabrina SL earrings //



“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.”

I’ll tell you a little secret. I started reading my horoscope daily because I got a bit into tuning in with what the stars are trying to tell me. More so now than ever has life’s just pure crazy. Non-stop. Nuts! My calendar never stops growing, but I really love tackling project after project. My mind thrives off of creativity. People always stop me and go “how are you still on? how are you still awake?” My energy levels have been at  an all time high. But it’s a New Moon…a time to kind of stop and think and reflect a bit. I think I read my horoscope not as guidance or telling the future or how I should go about my day. It’s pretty entertaining, but I find it as a fun way to sort of pause and rethink the decisions I make daily more carefully, and finding balance in all aspects of my life. It’s like Chinese feng shui. I grew up with feng shui thanks to my heritage, and yes, I still freak out if my bed isn’t in the right place, or if there’s a cluttered corner. New Moon for me brings a fresh start.

These images were shot by Dylana this past month back home in LA and it’s the exact spot we would shoot back in 2009. She always captures me in my most natural state and I’m lucky we get to work together every single day. Can you believe it’s been 7 whole years? 7 years since Dylana picked up our dad’s old Canon SLR in the backyard and starting shooting my outfits after a day of model castings and post them to the Interweb, only to find that thousands of people were watching. We’d sneak into the back of the local church just to catch magic hour through the basketball fences. We were just teenagers, finding fuel in documenting our coming-of-age. Growing up in our work, our visions, running our own businesses, and in our wardrobes. Making our own lookbooks, our own story boards, our own songs, our own voice. Yep, I still would wear those old combat boots and denim mini skirts to this day! My style hasn’t changed much and neither has the little kid inside of us. We were learning to finally love ourselves, our bodies, and embracing what made us unique. Embracing our heritage and where we came from. Embracing why we didn’t look, think, or act like all the kids down the block. Embracing our weirdness. If I wasn’t so bored of normalcy and inspired to do things differently, none of this would of happened. I’m pretty excited to share my journey this coming weekend at Westfield Garden State Plaza with WhoWhatWear (see the #BOSSNOTES invite on Saturday, May 14th 12-2pm here). I just advise to go with your gut, do what you love, plan, organize, work hard, and love yourself and love those around you. But boy did I not know that NATALIE OFF DUTY’s cult following would bring my modeling work to NYC, let alone that writing, photography, and digital branding would be a full-time career. Everyday brings something new. And you know you love doing something when you can’t see yourself NOT doing it. All of this…you and me is therapeutic.

By the way, is it too soon to think of getting another house in California? I’ve already started looking. Which brings me back to this beautiful grassy hill. An empty lot with views of the mountains. A brand new dress with nowhere to where it. Turkeys and peacocks roaming around the trees. My heart finally full.


// The Jet Set Diaries dress, Samantha Wills cuff and ring //



When I spotted this jumpsuit, I immediately thought of Jane Birkin’s white lace maxi dress with that super LOW v-neckline. Right on Serge Gainsbourg’s arm. Swoooooon. I’m totally digging this new jumpsuit version made by my favorite babes, For Love and Lemons. Constantly bringing sexy back. A fun, more wearable take on Birkin’s iconic ensemble. I’m dying to take this look out for a night of disco dancing here in the city. Last I wore it was back at my home in LA, prancing around in my bedroom in this little onesie, with not a care in the world. Sometimes you can just dress up at home even when you have absolutely no plans to go out.

forloveandlemons-4resizedforloveandlemons-3resizedforloveandlemons-6resizedforloveandlemons-2resizedforloveandlemons-1resized// For Love and Lemons jumpsuit //



I was beeping around from Los Feliz to Malibu in my little Prius like the good old days this past holiday, and it was such an exhilirating break. Can you believe it…bare legs? Funny I’m already thinking of summer. The beach. The sunsets. The bougainvillea. Scouring for sea shells. Paddleboarding. A good tan. The teeny tiny dresses. I’m still sporting my summer favorites, just layering it up. Thank goodness for the Free People’s seamless collection. Their stretchy turtlenecks are the ultimate base when I want to take my favorite summer dress to the winter streets.

And meet the latest addition to my leather jacket collection. The this C/Christ LA biker. It’s extra oversize, badass, and ultra chic. I’ve been living in this badboy.

beach-style-9resizedbeach-style-7resizedbeach-style-1resizedbeach-style-3resizedbeach-style-4resizedbeach-style-13resizedbeach-style-14resizedbeach-style-5resizedbeach-style-12resizedbeach-style-10resized// C/Christ LA leather jacket, MLM dress, Free People seamless top, Luxury Rebel shoes //