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// Hudson Valley Lighting Tulip Gold Leaf chandelier, Hurley floor lamps, and Locust Grove turquoise lamps //

To have a chandelier in my NYC loft was a dream of mine. I used to walk the streets at night in Brooklyn Heights and would just stop and stare at the twinkles coming from chandeliers in beautiful townhomes. And maybe now, when someone walks by and looks up to my windows, they will get a glimmer of inspiration as well. Timeless. Elegant. It’s everything I love about home decor. I am so excited to have partnered with Hudson Valley Lighting to feature a few key pieces that really transformed my space. This is the definition of mood lighting. 

Meet the Tulip Gold Leaf chandelier. It’s a very different twist on a chandelier as the crystals face upwards rather than hang down. It’s uniqueness and complexity is what made me gravitate towards it. Plus, tulips remind me of spring and re-awakenings. This is a piece I will keep forever and take even to my next home! 

The Hurley floor lamps are simple and chic. I really love clean, white shades and a luxurious base. My living room is already feeling much brighter.

In my bedroom, I got a matching set of the Locust Grove turquoise lamps! In my bedroom, I love little pops of color, and this was a perfect addition. It feels modern yet playful. 

So how are you creating the mood in your home space? 


// Kate Spade bedding, pajamas, earrings, dress, and green satchel // 

This is the “current me” verus the “future me” with Kate Spade! This month I’m also working on featuring my favorites from Kate Spade home, like this extra comfy striped bedding. The current me is sleeping in because I may never have the time again, while the future me is ready to hit the town in bold pinks and greens with this amazing satchel. Stay groovy and make the most of these days indoors everyone. I’m finally ready to roll out of bed and get some bacon and eggs going. 


// Vintage blazer, Same bikini top and bikini bottom //

The only way to wear my swimwear these days is indoors. I took this classic Chanel-esque swimsuit and threw on an oversize vintage blazer. Great for those last minute Zoom conference before sunbathing on the rooftop. The 90’s are really back with those high waisted bottoms! 


// Dannijo earrings, Kate Spade tweed topper /

A few portraits taken in my home this week after a long work day with Team Suarez. Find a reason to put on a pretty pair of earrings and your most elegant knit. I promise, you will feel amazing and inspired. I’ll be here, doing as much as I can during this time at home, while dreaming of how I will live life once things begin to feel a bit more normal. I hope our new normal is more conscious and thoughtful. This slower pace has brought me a peace of mind. I have never been home in one place for so long. I’m usually out traveling. I’m usually running from meeting to meeting. I feel lucky to be safe while there is still so much uncertainty in our world’s future. I’m using this time to live in the moment and do more of what brings me joy. I’ve been singing. I’ve been dancing. I really have reconnected to things that are so close to my heart and to my soul. I finally get to have long phone calls and Facetimes with dear friends and loved ones, just because. It’s amazing how now, with our isolation, I have found a real sense of togetherness with everything around me.