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Staycations not only refresh me mentally, but physically. Waking up in a new part of town with a fresh copy of The Times. Taking a run outside in an area I wouldn’t normally venture out to. Getting in that few extra hours to snooze in your bath robe after what felt like a work week of 7 am call times. It’s being able to disconnect, retreat, and give yourself a little love in what feels like getting caught up in a city rush. The real me would love to stick in my yoga pants anytime of the week post-workout, but this time, I packed along a perfect dress-over-blouse situation for that sudden urge to go dancing. Staycations are a time for me, as a beauty lover, to also dig into my beauty dresser and whip out some new products to test. I never wear any makeup on the weekends…it’s so important to let my skin breathe and treat it with a little extra care. With every getaway, I give myself a new scent and memory. This time, my scent was By Terry’s Baume de Rose. Here are 3 amazing products that might fit for what your skin is really craving right now. That combined with a few extra hours of laying horizontal or outside on the move, leaves me glowing.

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I am officially a lipstick junkie. As I dig through my beauty drawers, I found 3 amazing shades to wear for the rest of summer. A pinkish-brown lip pencil, a sorbet orange tint, an iridescent stick that goes over any color you choose. All so different, yet all amazing with a bare face. I skipped foundation this day in my house…just a few swipes of concealer and highlighter to get me camera ready. Just as any French girl would do. Oh, and for all who will ask: amazing silk dress is by JH.ZANE.

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It was a perfect morning at Shelter Island’s The Chequit Hotel. This place was built in the 1800’s just steps from the coast. It feels charming and feels so remote, unlike most of the hotels I stay in when I travel for work. There are no TV’s in the room…gasp…you can’t hear a sound, maybe just the creak as you walk across the hallway. As a city girl, it certainly took me a few moments to get into this slow paced swing-of-things. I don’t think I’ve had a better night’s rest in a long time! Shelter Island is a place to grab a few good books and really relax. A place to unplug. I spent my mornings on this gorgeous sun porch overlooking the waterfront. I’d have my cup of coffee before making way for the little town down the road, where all you can find is a pizza joint and cafe. It’s a whole other side of Shelter Island I’ve come to love, just a 10 minute cab ride away from the parties and night life. For super quick weekend trips to the Hamptons, I kept my makeup super minimal. Sure, I love a clean face and bold brow, but I’m playing with a lot more color on my lids. I recently fell in love with a deep purple shadow, an unexpected pop for the end of summer.

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I’ve partnered with Nexxus to take part in the #Lockin24 challenge with Nexxus Therappe and Humectress!

My hair has never really felt better. I went a few shades darker with my color. I had an amazing cut…my bangs feel a lot more light, framing my face. The ends of my strands feel super smooth. But it definitely took time for me to achieve extra healthy, strong hair. After my Nexxus salon experience, I decided it was time to dedicate a little bit more time each day to treating my hair. I began the #Lockin24 challenge with the Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Nexxus Humectress conditioner. For a little extra power, I have been using the Nexxus Encapsulate serum on the ends of my damp strands right after I shower, or first thing in the morning. The results are magical. Here is my hair, with 24 hours of moisture protection.

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