// Tamara Mellon boots //

This is a very fun campaign I shot for the New View boot by Tamara Mellon! Time for me to take a quick break and let my boots do they talking. They definitely have a lot to say. Here’s one: don’t mess with me. I trust in Tamara Mellon to make all of my boots. They are power, elegance, and perfection in every single step. New view. New heights. 

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// Emilio Cavallini jumpsuit, The Great Eros hi waist undies, vintage blazer, Lula Lulas earrings, S-Sil necklace //

There’s really just something extra special about a black and white photograph. You strip all the colors away, and you’re left with the bare bones. You’re left with one’s essence. I trust in my sister for always capturing the most artistic and beautiful images of me. She has that magic touch. Maybe I just feel the most me, and the most comfortable when she’s behind the camera. Nobody knows me better than her. And it’s in one’s essence that I find beauty. It’s going beyond what the eye can see, and into one’s soul. Wearing this lace bodysuit in front of the camera felt like stripping me down to my bare bones. A day where I felt strong, happy, and content in my own skin. I own my story and I am empowered by it. I love getting to share bits and pieces of this life with you, but I believe a woman must always keep something personal just for herself. To keep her mystery. That’s what a black and white photo does. It allows you to protect your mystery. I love who I am today. That’s something to be proud of. 


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// Eleven Six sweater, manurí blazer and short, Reike Nen sandals //

Green remains one of my favorite colors. I saw this seafoam green knit peeking out from my closet and it inspired me that day to reach for variations of my favorite shade, like this pistachio power suit. Color to me is like love. I just couldn’t live without it. These particular shades calm me. 


// KHRIS JOY jacket, Capezio leotard, Live the Process leg warmers, vintage Chanel handbag // 

I will spending a lot more time in and around the home this weekend so this dancer is keeping things comfortable. Leg warmers. Leotard. Extra glamorous puffer jacket. KHRISJOY gives our winter staples a totally new kind of chic. Tweed perfection. Now this is a look that’s perfect for plié-ing across the living room floor, don’t you think?