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This dress is one I’ll never forget. A beautiful silk pastel yellow Fendi dress, straight off the runway, complete with a black necktie and pearl buttons. A stunner to be exact! I will never forget this gorgeous and sunny little side street in Milan. It certainly felt like out of a movie as I click-clacked down the cobblestone sidewalks and I love revisiting this moment in my head. Though I may be glistening in the hot Italian sun here in on the blog, in reality I’ve actually just landed back in NYC from Paris for yet another work trip. Today has been a very unglamorous Saturday of unboxing packages, doing laundry, and rearranging my home. You know, real life stuff! Dylana is currently in Malaysia with my family so I’m playing catch up for the both of us. I can’t wait until Team Suarez is back together on Monday! I would have been in Kuala Lumpur as well this week, but as usual, work always throws surprises my way and I ended up minimizing my travel schedule this past month so that I wouldn’t be living on an airplane. I’m so used to having curveballs thrown at my schedule. Ever since I’ve been modeling (it’s been over a decade now!) I live with the fact that I never really knew what’s going to happen next. You just go with the flow and adjust accordingly. It’s completely normal for me to make last-minute arrangements and reschedule trips and flights in the nick of time for work. It definitely makes planning a long vacation difficult when I work so much. But that’s the beauty in what I do and I love every bit of it. Every week and every month brings something totally new and exciting when I least expect it. The unexpected is what keeps me on my toes…it keeps me alive.

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When I’m in Milano for work, I’m a bit more fearless when it comes to my style. Think oversize silk blouses and a slouchy pair of menswear trousers in completely mis-matched prints. I cannot wait for another Milan Fashion Week. I’m so inspired by the city’s daring love for high fashion. The women ooze a certain confidence, and it’s expressed in what they wear. For example, no matter your age or style, Milano women will slip into a pair of stilettos just to head to a casual lunch. Italians enjoy the finer things in life, like a beautiful hand-made Italian shoe, and I appreciate every single bit of it. Here I am by the Duomo in what feels much like the heart of Milan. It’s a place to people watch, window shop, and take licks of gelato and endless splurges of spaghetti. I am currently spending my Saturday looking at my calendar and planning February. I already know it’s going to feel like the longest month of the year. Between fashion weeks and other projects, the team and I will be hopping from city to city just about every week: LA, NYC, Colorado, Milan, Ohio, Paris. Time to whip out my suitcase yet again. Packing is going to be absolutely insane. As for March, I’m looking forward to hanging out a ton in a bikini. I’ll be escaping to Central America, where all there is on the horizon are sandy beaches, Coronas, and sunshine. Time to breathe get through February first!

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The Super Bowl is just around the corner and for the first time, I’m having friends over to watch the game at my house. My cozy sanctuary is suddenly going to become a sports bar for the night! I pulled out extra chairs, cleared out my dining room table, and most importantly, stocked the fridge. But first things first…what is everyone drinking? Stella Artois, of course. And why? Because Stella Artois has a limited-edition 12-pack that easily has given my Super Bowl night a little more meaning. Stella Artois is on a mission to help end the global water crisis and has partnered up with, a charitable organization that helps provide people in the developing world with access to clean water.  But why a 12-pack? With every purchase of the Stella Artois 12-pack, 1 person in the developing world will get access to 12 months of clean water. Pretty amazing, huh? I feel good knowing that I was able to give back this Super Bowl in such a simple way. With each drink passed to my guests, neighbors, and friends-of-friends who come on by for the game, the powerful message of taking the time to give back will be on our minds and never forgotten. Clean water, to most of us, isn’t something we think about, but I’m grateful that I now have the voice to raise awareness with Stella Artois in hopes that one day, every single person can have access to clean water. As it gets closer for my guests to arrive, I’ll be switching into my a classic pair of jeans and a tee shirt for a super humble, down-to-earth, Super Bowl extravaganza. After all this planning, I’m ready to lay low and enjoy some quality time with the ones I love. Thanks to Stella Artois, it’s possible to pause amongst the excitement and chaos of the Super Bowl, and have a mindful moment with every sip.

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I think I have the most fun when it comes to athleisure. NO KA’ OI mixes the spirit of Hawaii with incredible Italian-made design and quality. Here I am taking my nightly stretch in the most sick workout look I own. I’m in love with the 70’s inspired colors and stripes complete a futuristic, elegant touch. Check out that puffed sleeve and sleek silver shine. I don’t think you get more editorially high fashion when it comes to going to the gym. So brilliant. I might be home stretching out those sore muscles and doing yoga in my living room, but honestly, I can’t wait to take this top and style it up for fashion week. Who else thinks it’s a good idea?! I love when athleisure/workout gear can easily transform into something I can take to the street. NO KA’OI, you surprise me every single season.

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