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TheNatalie Off Duty” x Veronica Beard for Intermix jacket is now here! I worked with the two Veronica’s of Veronica Beard to create a bold, extra sleek statement blazer for this fall, and you can only get it at Intermix! This particular one reminds me of a vintage blazer I’ve worn throughout my life. I updated what I envisioned and modernized it with luxurious gold buttons down the sleeves. If you want that oversize look, simply size up when you make the order! Inspired by the legends of rock and roll, my blazer embodies unexpected coolness and a touch of glam. It has presence, just like the bands that make up the music that I live for. What you’ll notice below is the very special leopard lining. That with the rich herringbone pattern and eye-catching hardware instantly elevates what is now your go-to staple. I’m so excited to see you guys wearing it! Tomorrow I will be showcasing how you can wear it from day to night.

For now, shop the “Natalie Off Duty” x Veronica Beard for Intermix jacket! It’s live. It’s live.

“Natalie Off Duty” x Veronica Beard for Intermix jacket

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photographed by Dylana’s husband, Gabriel Honzik! 

Lee Jeans are iconic. They go way back, to 1889, when they were founded in their home state of Kansas. To find an old pair of perfect Lee Jeans in a vintage store always feels like such a score. Luckily, the brand has a new Vintage Modern collection. Think all of your favorite vintage classics, just totally updated. I am seriously obsessed with the “Union-Alls” overalls. They have that perfect boxy fit on top with a fitted high waist, and modern slim leg. It was amazing taking inspiration from our denim icons like Bridget Bardot and Bob Dylan, giving it a feminine tomboy feel with giant sunglasses and eclectic tops and vests.

This campaign shoot was a dream. It features two of my best friends, Deborah Hsu and my sister Dylana Lim Suarez. Dylana happens to be the star of a number of Lee Jeans’ current campaigns. She’s their perfect muse and I’m so thankful she brought us all together for this specific campaign to bring the full collection to life. We began the shoot at Raggedy Threads NYC, a super curated vintage store in East Williamsburg. I fell in love with this warmly-lit cozy space. The founder happens to be a collector of Lee Jeans and even has rows and rows of Buddy Lee dolls lining the shop’s walls! It made for a perfect shoot location thanks to it’s love and understanding of the brand’s heritage along with a super lived in, shabby-chic feel. You’ll see how we styled this shoot with a classic 70’s mentality. I pulled out my beautiful silk ruffled blouses, statement sunglasses, and gorgeous neck scarves. Warm tones of purple, red, and mustard yellow compliment a perfect pair of All-American blue jeans in the best possible way. Think tough NYC girl band of the 60’s and 70’s. That’s us when we wear Lee.

Click to see more from our campaign shoot for Lee Jeans Vintage Modern.

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Close your eyes. Dream up your most perfect fall day. To me, it’s a flannel shirt. It’s the smell of the s’mores cooking in the backyard and meat pie baking in the oven. It’s a giant wooden log cabin. It’s the view of nothing but gorgeous trees turned burnt orange, brown, and yellow. It’s the feeling a drizzle coming down on the window pane and the soft sounds of the guitar strumming in the distance. It’s a glass of Veuve Clicquot Rich served with slices of either apples or fresh tomatoes. Mont-Tremblant in Quebec is what you would only see in movies. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen during the fall. So picturesque. So unreal. The air just feels really, really good against your face, even snuggled up in a giant coat. I quickly became obsessed with this little ski town.

I went both behind the lens and in front of the lens this season with Veuve Clicquot. Photographing for such an iconic French champagne house like Veuve Clicquot always feels special. One sip and suddenly my travels with the team flash through my mind: Paris, Reims, London, Maui, Los Angeles, and now Canada. It makes me smile. The memories I have with this champagne will last forever. This experience, in both Montreal and Mont-Tremblant, felt so authentic for Veuve Clicquot Rich. Tis’ the season for Clicquology: the art of preparing drinks with Veuve Clicquot. Veuve Clicquot Rich was especially made for this mixology. It allows me to find new ways to drink champagne. This season I’m gravitating towards pears, apples, tomatoes, pomegranate, and hibiscus tea to experiment in my drinks. I like mine at brunch, served with a plate of squash salad, chicken pot pie, and side of mashed potatoes.

Bellies full, we ventured down to the lake, looking up at our cabin. Today was just as good, if not better than Thanksgiving. And trust me, I have so much to be thankful for this year. All you could see is the party inside and the smoke from the fireplace blowing in the wind. I’ve never seen anything so perfect.

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The brand new INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY collection for Macy’s is now LIVE!

Again, it is SUPER Limited-Edition, so grab what you love TODAY.

Today is the launch day of the OFF DUTY collection, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring the “OFF DUTY” mindset to life. “OFF DUTY” has been such an iconic part of my brand, and it can be interpreted any which way you choose. Now, you can wear it on your sleeve, everywhere you go. This collection feels just so natural and easy. It’s casual and cool with a pair of sneakers yet can immediately feel elegant with a pair of heels. My off duty style is all about pairing sets whether it be sporty track sets or sophisticated satin sets with a twist. Each piece has both a masculine and feminine side. I find a trend like Glam Leisure to be the easiest thing to put on each morning.

With this collection, I was INSPR-D by my favorite 80’s films and actresses of the time: Molly Ringwald, Kelly Lebrock, Kate Basinger, Lisa Bonet, and Demi Moore. They all nailed that really glamorous 80’s style with a sporty, off-duty element. I can see Molly Ringwald wearing the track jacket over one of her amazing feminine dresses. Then there are some personal accents that I added to the satin pieces like the beautiful mandarin collars and stunning embroidery. I was really inspired by the elegance in the outfits of Won Kar Wai’s “In the Mood for Love”. It was one of the most beautiful and romantic movies I’ve ever seen. This particular accent reminds me of my Chinese heritage. My mother wore dresses with a beautiful mandarin collar all the time. I liked adding that special something to my OFF DUTY collection, and especially on the beautiful satin skirt and black set that can easily be mixed and matched. This collection is inspired by so many things: the sporty track sets and icons of the 80’s, my hertiage, and creating that balance between masculine and feminine.

I design for the individual and iconic woman. She’s elegant, she’s fun, she’s fearless. She isn’t afraid to be who she is and shine. You, my readers, are just that. You’re adventurous and experimental. There’s that craving for a little bit of every type of style combined into one. My two collections bring both sides of my style to life: the romantic who loves a statement dress, and the woman who finds a track suit to be her favorite type of suit. My everyday muse can wear anything and completely make it her own.

Sleeves were huge for me this year. I think there’s so much elegance and masculinity in a really bold shoulder. I added that into our track suits and into a few of our blouses to really make them pop. Even with the classic sets, you’ll notice something special: a ruffle, a stripe, or a really cool OFF DUTY print. I love a tracksuit alone with a great pair of chandelier earrings and a simple stiletto heel. I could take that same set and give it a really cool chunky sneaker or hiking boot. I find a track pant to be my everyday essential. I travel so much. I wear them on the airplane with a sweater, then I’ll wear them to dinner with heels and a sleek jacket. I like that feeling of effortless comfort that’s still totally chic, and I hope you do too.

SHOP THE COLLECTION TODAY only at Macy’s and in-store at our “shop in shop” at The Market at Macy’s. Here are our store locations: 

Seattle, WA – Alderwood Mall

Los Angeles, CA – Century City Mall

Las Vegas, NV – Fashion Show Mall

Ft. Lauderdale, FL– Galleria Mall

New York, NY – Herald Square

San Francisco, CA – Hillsdale Mall

Boston, MA – North Shore Mall

San Antonio, TX – North Star Mall

Pittsburgh, PA – Ross Park Mall

Detroit, MI – Twelve Oaks Mall

Orange County, CA – Westminster Mall


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