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I am giving you the very first look at Cartier‘s new bag. It’s so fresh and exclusive that it still hasn’t been named. Can you believe it? So we’ll just have to call it the NEW BAG for right now. It’s a new twist on the iconic Cartier jewelry box design. A luxurious deep red with an intricate gold design. I was in Paris Fashion Week with the Cartier team specifically for this super special launch. I was stunned to see the Cartier groomsmen come to our hotel room at Hotel de Crillon with a beautiful red box in hand! Dylana and I couldn’t help but giggle seeing the handsome groomsmen bouncing from room to room delivering the goodies to the team. They surprised me with a custom initialed bag. So delicate and elegant, I couldn’t help but stop and stare. Things like this only happen in Paris right? I immediately started playing dress up in our room in anticipation of this exciting and exclusive launch. I felt it went perfectly with a giant dotted gown and pale pink lip. I can always count on Cartier to make me feel like the woman I want to be.

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Take an inside look inside our Macy’s INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY collection press day! We turned the rooftop of The Jane Hotel here in NYC into a modern romantic dream. I fell in love with the seafoam green walls, vintage mirrors, and stunning outdoor terrace. It felt very French. Very chic. There was an elegance about the space that so perfectly complimented our most elegant and timeless pieces. For the big day, I wore the INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY Flutter Ruffle Dress. Magic. I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received from you, my readers, alonside fellow bloggers and editors from around the globe. Most of all, I’m grateful for the incredible team, INSPR, that has dedicated so much of this summer creating something so special. My collection story revolves around the iconic, everyday muse. A dress is her everything. This collection is for the individual. It’s for the woman looking to stand out. At our press day, we were in awe for all the genuine love, buzz, and excitement we received from every guest. Our press day happened just a few days after our line sold out online. Seeing what sold out, I knew immediately knew what you guys were craving, and that were the incredible statements. The piece to dance in, celebrate in, and live in. That little wow factor like a ruched neckline or perfectly fluttered sleeve is what has taken a classic piece to the next level. It felt amazing to finally stop and take a second to look at what we’ve created. These bold colors really stood out from the pack this fall. Fuchsia pink and mustard yellow never looked so good. I still freak out every time I see one of you tagging my designs in a post, or send me a DM from the Macy’s dressing room. Seeing the collection come to life this month is surreal. It warms my heart to know that these pieces will keep you in good company throughout the season and beyond. I cannot even imagine how many bottles of champagne we opened that afternoon. Al I can say is, thank you, THANK YOU, for making this such a special launch. It’s really insane fun, and it’s not over yet.

I’m so excited to announce that on October 15th, I am releasing a NEW COLLECTION for INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY only at Macy’s. Think a lot more effortless sets. I’m calling it the Off Duty collection. Get ready, and mark your calendars!!

Shop what is now restocked from the Modern Romantic collection HERE.

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Yes, National Scarf Day is actually a thing. September 27th. Mark your calendars! This week, I had the pleasure of hosting Echo New York‘s 95th Anniversary party at Bloomingdale’s. It’s pretty incredible to think their brand has been family run for over 95 years! It’s definitely very rare and a huge accomplishment! Bravo Echo New York! Thank you to everyone who came uptown to meet me and the team! It reminds how amazing and truly loyal my followers are and I’m so thankful for that! I have worn Echo scarves forever, and they have travelled the world with me from Nicaragua to Italy. I can count on their elegant prints and luxurious silk to instantly make any look pop. They are suddenly my best fall accessory. When it comes to scarves, it’s all about experimentation. Best worn around the head, as a top, skirt, or loosely hanging from my bag. Keep things classic and tie it closely around your neck. Anything goes really. I had an amazing time photographing Echo’s new collection in Venice, Italy. They make me feel like a local everywhere I go. Think drama, drama, drama. Emerald green, salmon pink, and gold have stole my heart this season. Here in NYC, I feel the cool breeze coming in from my window each morning. Fall is officially here and I always feel incredible in this look: a metallic blazer, a wool trouser, and an amazing silk scarf.

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My NYC loft has been through a lot of small changes! It’s almost 3 years since I’ve bought my first home and it still feels brand new because I’m constantly making it feel more like home whether it be changing a rug or putting up a new work of art. I finally feel a real sense of coziness the moment I walk in. It’s warm and fully lived in. It doesn’t really feel like you’re in the heart of NYC. The foyer is what I wanted to make the most inviting. I’m a huge fan of Article‘s mid-century furniture and their twist on the classics, like this amazing Geome Sideboard and now it’s the first thing guests see when they walk into my front door. I fell in love with it’s cubic cut pieces of solid oak. It’s unique and special. In NYC, we’re all about making the most of our space, and this sideboard is so roomy for storage all while keeping my space clean, minimal, and super chic. When I think of warmth, I think of wood. Wood works so well against my industrial and lofty red pipes and open windows. I also had an empty wall that I thought could work so well for yes, more storage. I took this empty, narrow wall and placed the Culla Dresser right there. It was hard finding the perfect fit…I needed something slim but tall. Article’s Culla Dresser fit absolutely perfectly. It’s a good place to use for extra blankets and home necessities. Thanks to Article, there’s a place for everything in my space.

sideboard + dresser by Article.

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