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There really is something magical about the faded pink walls at The Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s classic. It’ll never go out of style or feel out-of-date. Talk about an absolutely timeless location. I can get lost in it’s lush maze of bungalows, finding myself going in circles. When I’m in LA for work, I like any reason to take a lunch meeting at on of the most iconic spots of all time. I don’t know when will be the next time I’m in Los Angeles, but I’m hoping soon! I’m currently back in NYC, with a packed schedule and a few travels coming up. Think France, the Hamptons, and a few more amazing music festivals. Summer on the east coast is always extra busy. It’s prime time for shooting, along with fitting in that extra epic rooftop party. I had a shoot every single day this past week meaning waking up early for 5am call times. With that, I start my day off by slipping to my go-to: an easy printed dress. I count on this Etro number to immediately feel put-together no matter the time of day. Silk is my #1 fabric of choice because lately, comfort and ease are my best friends. I’m taking this Monday to finally get a full day plugged into my computer and catching up with conference calls and emails. There’s so much my team and I will be updating you on soon! I find it so important to take a slow Monday to get organized and energized for the week ahead.

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I am so excited to officially give you an inside scoop inside the gorgeous Palais Away x Grey Goose villa at Cannes Film Festival. This charming estate just oozed classic French sophistication with it’s gorgeous pale blue shutters and green vines, sitting perfectly on the side of a hill. From the pool, you can see more stunning villas below alongside the town, with nothing but the ocean ahead. I would say it’s the dream vacation home.

I have always wanted to spend some time in the south of France during the film festival and thanks to the dream teams at Away and Grey Goose, all was made possible….complete with a full and detailed itinerary in Cannes, the adorable town Antibes, and a quick boat ride to the Isle de Marguerite. Each adventure was always followed by a a delicious menu (and new cocktail recipe) to look forward to. My tastebuds certainly went wild this trip with refreshing lemon and lavender accents in my signature Grey Goose cocktails.

With the daily celebrations, I made sure to pack my beautiful Away luggage (I now have a travel set in “sand”), with loads of silk dresses, feminine mules, and pops of metallic. I slipped in a few gowns as well…a girl has to be prepared. Cannes becomes a red carpet with embellished ballgowns and black ties sashaying through every street and restaurant. It’s only fitting to whip our your best heels and your flash camera because you never know who might run into or where you will end up. It all felt too much like a movie to be real. I fully indulged in my surroundings by simply savoring the town’s very fresh ingredients to spending those extra moments sunbathing by the pool house. How do the tomatoes, cheese, bread, and butter (the list goes on!) taste so much better in France than they do here at home?

I got to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a handful of like-minded individuals with a passion for insane travel, refreshing spirits, and of course, a dash luxury. Take a peek inside our stunning abode.

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I really hope each and everyone one of you were able to kick your feet up this long Memorial Day weekend. I just got back from Mexico City, and luckily for the holiday, I was able to catch up on sleep, and have a full movie day back home in NYC. I recommend you guys catch a glimpse of The Florida Project, and if you’re a 90’s Harrison Ford enthusiast, The Fugitive. I remember these long holiday weekends as ones to go out and dance the night away, but more and more, I’m finding these holidays to be ones to really relax, unwind, and stay in. Because I’m always on the go or living on an airplane, I really value the little downtime I actually get at home. The most wild parts of me come out in what I wear. Take this incredible Nanushka animal-print blouse and pant for example. Twin-sets have lately become my grab n’ go. I think I’ve already worn this set multiple ways, mixing and matching it with the newness in my own closet, or worn simply on it’s own. Easy, easy, easy. The most wonderful thing about Nanushka is their ability to completely elevate chic, vintage classics. I snagged this set at their new pop-up at Platform in Culver City. There’s always a part of my heart back in Los Angeles. There are times I really miss it. Like today…I would give anything to be under this clear, blue sky.

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Shades of pink are constantly reappearing in both my home and my wardrobe. This vibrant shade really captivated me the moment I got this beautiful Italian velvet chair. It’s that little extra pop of happiness and femininity that I love having in the corner of my home. It has since become a star in many of my photoshoots. Now I gravitate towards this popping shade everywhere I go. This summer with Banana Republic, I have found even more new shades of pink that work well into my everyday, and most especially for those long summer weekends. Think a super nubby and lightweight boyfriend vee neck top, skinny pant, and block heel sandal. Right now I’m into these really beautiful shades: pop pink, blush, and pink reef. Wearing head-to-toe pink is certainly bold, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a little nod to the strength that we as women have now in society and I love every ounce of it.

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