Dylana and I love to take our 70’s inspired favorites and mix it in with our minimals. I loved this look from NYFW. It’s cozy enough to wear time and time again. Those psychadelic swirls, nubby leather coats, and Dy’s extra pink sunnies. I’m currently in SEOUL, South Korea, for their fashion week (who would have thought it’d still be fashion week in the month of October?!) and I’m super inspired by what we’ve been seeing on the runways. Eclectic layering. Boyish blazers. Simplistic street style. There’s everything here. But what I’m loving most is the Korean bbq and killer face masks (ever heard of a broccoli or snail muccus face mask?!) Stay tuned.


// VEDA top and pants, Breelayne leather jacket, Coach handbag, Pedro Garcia sneakers, Sabrina SL stone ring, Stila lip vinyl //

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