(AmourVert striped top, Harlyn velvet overalls, Modern Vice “Carly” bootsChloé bag, GANT sunglasses)

Everywhere you go in Paris, all I can hear are the clicking of cappuccino glasses. Every street corner, every sidewalk. The little clouds of cigarette smoking lightly filling the air around me. I love facing the streets to have a meal, just to people watch. The women, so chic in their own simple way. This day, we had just arrived from Barcelona on an extremely early flight. I spent my morning falling in and out of sleep until we finally arrived at the gorgeous Hotel Le Tremoille…a boutique beauty set in the Golden Triangle.  The sophisticated white walls, with perfect engraved crown moulding, and a beautiful twin set of French doors. It was a magical, and so classically FRENCH abode. I could have stayed in our suite there the entire time. First thing I wanted to do?! Take one big giant bubble bath! This girl hasn’t had much rest lately…since 4th of July until now, and so I found myself sinking my head into a hot tub before I could even hold my head up. I didn’t want to run around the city like a zombie! It was hard for me to sleep though, I wanted to just go out and explore, like I always do whenever I’m in Paris. Our classic and beautiful environment inspired me to just throw on some simple stripes (my favorite in Pareee!!) and a velvet black overalls for a day out by Canal St. Martin. So so simple and easy. I found my boyfriend completely passed out on a bench, as I sunbathed on the floor by the canal, constantly being warned not to sit so close to the edge. Of course, this was just the beginning of our Parisian adventures, and I kept my camera close at hand. The city to me always has a pink hue. Just the view from our balcony…as the sun goes down late at 9pm, that pinkish/beige color comes back once the sun fades away. A place that constantly takes your breath away. It really is a romantic place, and all I want to do is take photos. Oh, and I’ll get to the food later. Can you say, BAGUETTE?!

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  1. Sabina says:

    Love your Parisian look. Would you believe I was scrolling through my Bloglovin’ feed hoping someone would be styling some chic stripes? Hope you have a wonderful time.


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