The Printed Robe

This robe was everything for me over the weekend in Palm Springs. It was what I put on the moment I hopped out of bed, what I used to cover up after a long swim in the sun, and also my warm little blanket during late nights at the festival. This lightweight baby is still tucked away in my giant backpack. It quickly became a souvenier to Dylana and I, in memory of our amazing trip, both of us constantly going about in our matching robes! An perfect with the teeniest of bikinies. I have to say, I brought quite a few swimsuits for the weekend, only because I was finally dying to make some use of them after the long winter. This Lolli Swim two-piece is just one, and it’s a complete gem. With a little floral heart stitched to the back left pocket, I fell in love. How cute?! Anyways, I still miss our incredible retro house in the desert, shaded by palm trees, and green leaves. I took Dy out the side door of the house, and snapped these photos of her jumping like a goof by the garage…turns out to be some of my favorite shots! Just wondering when’s the next time I can borrow her flares. 
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