Village Boots

(Lauren Moffatt cape, Raven Denim “Doris” jean, A+RO sweater, Marie Turnor handbag, “Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice” BENNI BOOTS)
With the snow, I’ve finally had time to stay in a little bit this weekend. Dylana was in town, and we spent hours jamming in my apartment, perfecting the songs I’m currently writing for DKNY Fragrances. Two more months till I’m back in studio to record these babies! Even with the sudden chill and crazy wind, that still didn’t really stop us from going out! A quiet, calm day in, turned into a wild night at a burlesque show (talk about wack) along with some of the best margherita pizza in the city. Finally, we were able to just relax down in the village the next morning. Yep, we even made our way to our favorite NYC boutique, Cloak & Dagger…where all of our “Natalie + Dylana x Modern Vice” BENNI and JETT boots are on display in the store window. These babies are our lives, and I’m not quite sure how I’d survive without them. Here I am in the oiled suede Benni, as Dy wears her JETTS like a true hippie…daisy-patched jeans and all!
For now, take a peek inside our Modern Vice x Cloak & Dagger campaign video, featuring everything from our JETTS, BENNI’s, and C&D exclusive, the VINTAGE JETT boot!
Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I cannot wait to celebrate! 

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  1. Sabina says:

    Fab video and love the pics of you and your sis (it’s almost like I can feel how cold it was outside) and of course all the boots.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year.


  2. Alexia Mickens says:

    I’m super nosey wondering how fabulous your new apartment is! I love this cape! You and Dy are the best sisters EVER! I love your styles + you are both so talented! Congrats on your Benni Jett success!

    xx, alexia


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