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Rule #1 as a New Yorker: get a bicycle. There’s something so magical about riding a bike in the city. It makes me feel nostalgic of being a kid in California where exploring the great outdoors was all I’ve ever known. I was never without my little bicycle. I remember my legs moving¬†extra fast down the suburban streets, speeding as I raced my friends to the park. The Minnie Mouse images on my wheels sparkling in the sun as I carelessly side-swiped my big sister. It’s hard not to laugh. Biking still feels just as fresh and exciting here at home in DUMBO, Brooklyn. It’s absolute freedom. You can feel your breath. You can feel the heartbeat of this crazy city. You can smell the sweetness coming from the bakery as you speed down the cobblestone streets. Who cares if your hat flies off, it’s still the absolute best feeling in the world. Therapeutic is the word. A way to clear you mind and literally just go with the flow. I’m pleased to introduce this absolutely adorable bike created in collaboration by Wildfox and Sole Bicycles. It’s the perfect hybrid. California meets NYC. A beach cruiser similar to my own that I ride back in Venice Beach, California complete with a fun, new floral print. Is there really anything better? Just what this California girl needed for the East Coast. It’s exciting knowing I may be the only lady in my neighborhood with this stunner. Sweet ride.


// Faith Connexion Paris jacket, GAP sweater, Earnest Sewn jeans, Vintage belt, The 2 Bandits earrings, Anine Bing boots //