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I love the Topshop Fifth Avenue store because it’s big and perfectly organized into different sections with noticeable themes. I loved the way it was organized because I could easily find exactly what I was looking for, and could easily be drawn to a certain section based on color schemes, patterns and certain styles. As soon as I walked in, I noticed pastels and metallics right in the front, which is where I headed to first to pick up a metallic slip, which was exactly what I had in mind for my dream metallic slip dress. The second floor was organized in a similar fashion, and was where I felt like I could find more of the basic, foundation pieces to fill in the gaps of my wardrobe, where I noticed the first floor was more focused on trendier items. Then up to the third floor I went for a lookout for shoes. There was an amazing range of options for the transitional season, and I took my time browsing through them all. Even the sock options excited me. I took everything I chose out to the personal shopping department, where the service was so on point. The staff was super helping in bringing me extra options that they thought would be great alternatives for my original choice, just in case. I appreciate that so much, since I love to get second opinions. Especially in a store like Topshop with unlimited options. I knew I wanted a look that focused on color blocking, so I layered a top underneath my slip dress that had bright pops of a red-orange hue. I found this top up in the TopShop Boutique section on the top floor. I loved that this section had nearly its corner section on the floor, for it made the experience seem much more intimate. Personal shopping brought up the idea to color block even more with my shoes, so i was presented a pair of yellow open-toe mules, as opposed to the black ones I was originally going to get. I’m glad I decided to go for the shoe with more personality. I’m going to make a statement with this look for sure. All thanks to Topshop Fifth Ave Personal Shopping.


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