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It’s the holiday season, and there are already one too many invites and parties lined up to even have time to shop. That means you’ll find me on The Real Real, a luxury online consignment shop that buys and sells quality, mint condition items. So far I’ve already got a beautiful pink Lanvin cocktail dress, a laced satin Marc Jacobs number, and this psychadelic beauty by my idol, Anna Sui at KILLER prices. Sometimes I feel it’s even better to purchase something of quality at consignment. Something that’s been worn maybe only once before, and is just a down right awesome, statement piece you never need to get rid of. I live for The Real Real and counting down the minutes and filling up my Cart before hitting CHECK OUT at the last second. It’s exciting when you get a really great deal.

The Real Real has made it easy for me to find these beautiful statement party dresses, but the struggle always comes when you’re running late, your car is downstairs, and you just need something to go with it, and make it a lot more wearable…because NYC IS SO SO COLD. I’ve managed to take the dress I’ve worn to a party the night before, and make it the perfect Saturday brunch look with just the right accessories. I’m talking whipping out your Jenny From the Block hoop earrings, cashmere beanie, and 2 layers of extra long coats. Trade in those stilettos for a chunky block heel. Now you got 2 rad, different looks for the price of one. AND you just made what was once somebody’s elses last season, every season.


// Anna Sui dress from The Real Real, Sabrina Tach shoes, Banana Republic coat, Autumn Cashmere beanie, The 2 Bandits earrings //



As I’ve grown up, I have finally learned that “less is more.” That is especially true when it comes to my closet. Every season, I set aside some pieces that I’ve worn on, and off, and know I won’t wear again. But sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with it. Especially if it’s a designer or luxury piece I don’t want to just toss away. Thank goodness for The Real Real. It’s an online consignment store that will actually have an employee come to your apartment, and go through EVERYTHING. They’ll help you find what actually has value to be resold and consigned on their website. Got that brand new Just Cavalli sweater you’ve never worn? Check. The cream Derek Lam handbag that somehow only made it’s way out the door once? Check. All of these I’ve had consigned at my home. I even purchased a killer pair of out-of-stock Chloe zebra boots from The Real Real that I couldn’t find anywhere else. The beauty is that it’s all luxury items…so you know that what you’re shopping is the real deal. Plus, you have way too much fun discovering what you never had in the back of your overflowing closet.

See, I told you. Less is certainly more. It’s life changing when you go for quality over quantity. Your apartment will thank you.


Shop my closet: Tory Burch fringed handbag, Just Cavalli sweater, MOTHER jeans and boyfriend jeans //

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