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My weekend palette is neutral. I’m constantly snuggling in that perfect beige turtleneck. I could fall asleep in it, and wake up in it. My lazy weekends call for outfits that don’t take a whole lot of thought. With that, I usually go for an easy yet sexy black mid-length skirt, and statement vest that can make even any plain old tee anything but plain. Things to pile on and live in over and over again. Jennyfer once again has me stocking up on the classics. They’re affordable go-tos are just what I like to go for whenever I’m in Paris. They’ve mastered simplicity and that’s what I love about the brand.


// Jennyfer sweater, midi dress, and vest // 

On the Road | Jennyfer


Shearling in the fall is my lifesaver. Especially after a mid-day rain storm. Here, I shot some of my favorite JENNYFER pieces out in Hudson, New York. Where the leaves are a perfect rustic red and golden yellow. I love these hazy days on the road. Antiquing, and picking up fresh fruit at the local farms. After living in NYC, these weekend trips are a breath of fresh air. So much needed. I paired my oversize shearling coat with a simple white blouse, and the perfect black mini. Simple neutrals with a pop of a plum lip have been my go-to fall look.


// Jennyfer camel coat, white top, and black skirt //