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I find things more beautiful in their completely natural state. I recently went upstate, and found this beautiful state park. We hiked the trails, following the colors on the trees, only to find the most beautiful lake. It was all so untouched and raw. The water was the most fresh that I’d felt on my skin in a long time. EMU Australia reminds me of all of these things. Taking what’s natural and beautiful and making it your own. I styled their new Rose Malee bootie with my au natural favorites:  A leather duster, a chiffon tunic, and my most worn-in denim blues. Going forward, I’m dressing in the colors that I saw in that park. Warm browns, baby blues, and pastels that lit up the sky at sunset. I’m happy to appreciate natural beauty with EMU Australia’s #EverNatural campaign. These boots were made for strutting down the city avenues, or simply lounging in the cabin by the fireplace. I guess you can say I’m a weekender, a relaxer, and a commuter all packaged into one. I’ve got the shoes to match.

emu-4emu-2emu-6emu-9emu-3// Emu Australia bootie, Breelayne leather duster jacket, Each x Other jeans, Lacausa tunic //