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ENTER THE CAFE BUSTELO “El Café del Futuro” scholarship


My sister Dylana and I are so excited to be promoting the Cafe Bustelo “El Café del Futuro” scholarship program. This scholarship is in partnership with HACU (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities) and open to all students of Latino descent living in the United States of America. Scroll down for more details and the link to enter!

What I love most about my Hispanic culture is how family oriented we are. My grandfather was an immigrant from Mexico, and he stressed the importance of going to school to my father who was born and raised in Los Angeles. My grandfather wanted my father to have the opportunities in life that he didn’t have. Through my childhood, my father stressed the importance of staying in school as a key to success. He worked in the health department before moving to sales and starting his own business. All of his life he expressed how using our knowledge that we learned in school would lead us in the right direction. School kept me inspired and interested every single day. I’m glad I listened to my parents and made the most of my time in class. Dylana was very much into literature, while my focus and absolute favorite was mathematics. Creatively, Dylana and I had a lot more in common. We kept our grades high just so we could do after-school hours on the dance team and join show choir. We worked hard so that we could enjoy these fun extracurricular activities that made school even more worthwhile. And not to mention, all of the countless hours at the public library. We had so much pride in being a member to the public library. We were fascinated with creative writing, that we eventually roamed to the “current events” section in the far corner of our library where we opened fashion magazines and newspapers from all over the world. The library gave us a taste of the real world out there, and all of it’s opportunity and dreams. All of which inspired how we go to where we are today.

It was also the tough world of modeling is what really inspired me to run my very own business as an editor/blogger/model. Though I did start modeling in the middle of high school at the age of 15, I was determined to finish high school, even if that meant missing my friends, and having a year of homeschooling while I was working and learning about business first-hand while I was on set. Sure I didn’t get a traditional high school experience my senior year, but I still did get to go to prom and had the pride of entering college a year early to major in Business. All that mathematics really paid off.

I’m lucky that I had my sister and parents along for the whole ride to find that balance between work and education. Education always did come first in my Hispanic upbringing. We found a balance with everything we loved through creativity. Dylana and I always had this connection as siblings on a very creative level. We both sing, we both dance, and through modeling, we got really into photography, style, and creative direction. Getting to work in this digital space with her came naturally, and I’m so happy that our parents encouraged we stick together with our careers, and dare to dream big. Dylana is my ultimate teammate. We expand each other’s imaginations every single day when we’re creating content for our blogs. And how do we give back? By continuing to inspire our readers to dream big, and go after their goals. Togetherness, in school and family, has helped us achieve our wildest of dreams and I hope it does for you too.

Be sure to apply for the Cafe Bustelo “El Café del Futuro” scholarship program now.

Scholarship details:

The essay topic:

Describe how your Hispanic/Latino heritage, family, and the community in which you grew up has inspired your desire and motivation to obtain a college degree and how you plan to give back to your community.

The deadline to enter is May 26th, 2017

Application link: http://www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships.asp

Office Rules link: http://www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships.asp