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I teamed up with Cafe Bustelo last weekend to check out their brand experience at the Billboard Hot 100 music festival in Jones Beach, NY. Cafe Bustelo has always been a part of my Hispanic upbringing. The bright yellow can has always been a household staple…its color always stands out in the pantry and the taste is synonymous with how my dad started his day when I was a kid growing up. I can’t go a day without my coffee and I love that I can easily grab a Cafe Bustelo Cool Can when I’m on-the-go running around the city. It’s much needed during these hot summer days and the best way to cool down in between shows at a music festival, like at the Billboard Hot 100. I was stoked I got to represent the brand at an awesome new festival this year (this was only the second Billboard Hot 100 festival). Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to have some fun, take photos, play some wild games, and have some coffee with us.


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