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Every party needs a little inspiration and this time,  I’m taking some cues from Absolut’s new limited edition Electrik bottle and hosting an intimate gathering with a few friends complete with tunes and good times.

Not only are we obsessed with the beautiful electric blue and silver bottles (so chic), but with Absolut, we can create all of our favorite holiday mixed drinks, and listen to our favorite tunes. My whole life revolves around music. We always just need a few of our favorite records out…I’m talking Jimi Hendrix, Nancy SinatraVan Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan. All artists that inspire my very own music. I love gathering my friends together to go through my collection of records and playing all of our favorites. Dancing and drinking with the city lights as our backdrop. And of course, there will always be someone who brings out my keyboard and guitar. It is times like these, with my friends and having little jam session that we start coming up with melodies and some fun lyrics that I then want to take into the studio. Talking and just laughing with friends is when we come up with some of our favorite phrases that eventually turn into songs. We decided and start to “electrify” our night with a delicious, refreshing Apple Cider Moscow Mule. It’s perfect for the holidays. Fill your room with candles, and fresh flowers, and make this easy delicious cocktail before a night of slamming on our guitars at sunset.

What You’ll Need Per Glass: 

Absolut Original Vodka (1.5 ounce)

All-Natural Apple Cider (4 oz)

Ginger Ale (or Ginger Beer) (6 oz)

Cinnamon (sprinkled at the end for extra flavor)

Fresh gala apples (slice up, and add at the end!)


My playlist that inspired my own tunes: 

“Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings” by Father John Misty

“Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra

“Coffee” by Sylvan Esso

“Fool in the Rain” Led Zeppelin

“White Room” by Cream

“The Pusher” by Steppenwolf

“I Know There’s Gonna be Good Times” by Jamie XX

“The Hills” by The Weeknd


In partnership with Absolut. Enjoy responsibly.



Tuesday, December 8th. 7pm. Attire? Glitter, shine, and sequins.

I had an absolute blast hosting a fun little gathering at my NYC home with Hoppr By Absolut, a new digital platform which connects partygoers and throwers  at a click of the button. I hosted my OFF DUTY Holiday Bash on the platform, and invited all of the my pals and locals in the neighborhood to join. It was my last night in NYC, before flying off to sunny California to see family, and what better way to spend a night overlooking the glittering NYC skyline. Pretty soon, I had a house full of my closest friends, and of course some new pals, glittering in holiday sweaters and sequin party dresses. We love any excuse to get dressed up in sparkles! My holiday drink of choice is Absolut Original Vodka (check out their new limited edition Absolut Electrik bottles) mixed with ginger ale, a hint of cranberry juice, soda water, and some fresh fruits. I went with fresh pomegranate, cherries, and blueberries. Refreshing. I had a bunch of disposable cameras lying out, and let my friends make their own memories to take home with them.

Head on over to AbsolutHoppr.com on your mobile device and either host your own party, or check out what is going on tonight right here in NYC! Talk about a super fun way to meet new people!

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In partnership with Absolut. Enjoy Responsibly.