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Not only does every year get more exciting, every single day of living this dream is exciting. This was a very memorable year. One thing that really made me happy was when I bought a house. One of my absolute favorite parts of this year were making my loft a real home. Decorating, painting, getting to really live in it. I love having my special place to create, live, love, and grow. I wake up everyday feeling stronger, fresher, and most importantly, inspired. There are already so many wonderful memories made in this house that I’ll never forget. What keeps me going is you. Thank you guys for being a part of Team Suarez and constantly inspiring me to perfect my craft, work harder, and live each moment to the fullest. I love sharing all of my wacky stories with you. Thank you for following me on set at every photoshoot. For tuning in every single performance I made here in NYC and pushing me to sing more. For keeping me on my toes. Challenging me. Watching me grow. Tagging along on every single adventure. This year Dylana and I have travelled all over the world. We finally made the trip back to Malaysia to see all of my family. We hit numerous cities in the US that I’ve always wanted to visit: Dallas, Nashville, Miami, Salt Lake City, and Austin amongst more amazing countries like Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand, the UK, and France. It’s a year where I hopped on numerous planes….and can you believe it? A jet. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, yet I still feel completely balanced…I have so much fun doing what I do. Making real connections, making new friends. So many tales, and so many photos. Each brings a smile to my face. Below are just some remarkable times and campaigns from 2016 that I’ll never forget. Happy New Year to you lovebugs, may 2017 be magical!

joybird-couch-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-15-5451promemoria-italy-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-home-12high-fashion-home-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-11-52301lord-taylor-natalie-suarez-closet-spring-7lulu-and-georgia-rug-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-nyc-1-5463new-york-mag-the-cut-sephora-natalie-suarez-22net-jets-art-basel-natalie-lim-suarez-3city-of-the-sun-natalie-dylana-suarez-performing-singing-anthom-21-1261lulu-and-georgia-natalie-suarez-dumbo-loft-off-duty-13-5284Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.10.59 AMralph-lauren-pink-pony-2urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-23urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-13IMG_0475urban-decay-getaway-suarez-sisters-1Natalie-off-duty-DPIMG_0478IMG_0481IMG_0479IMG_0469reef-girls-coachella-natalie-suarez-34reef-bonnaroo138reef-bonnaroo133nyfw-feb-2016-natalie-suarez-21android-wear-natalie-suarez-2natalie-suarez-paris-four-seasons-21skin-tips-natalie-2IMG_0467matrix-hair-strobing-natalie-1matrix-natalie-suarez-hair-strobing-34matrix-natalie-suarez-hair-strobing-38luisaviaroma-natalie-dylana-suarez-firenze4ever-5florence-italy-natalie-suarez-dylana-suarez-luisaviaroma-31IMG_0459costa-rica-natalie-suarez-travel-58-2269armani-air-natalie-3 (1 of 1)armani-sun-natalie-1 (1 of 1)veuve-clicquot-clicquology-natalie-suarez-81veuve-clicquot-hotel-du-marc-8vancouver-canada-natalie-suarez-travel-44-0544Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.14.04 AMIMG_0486IMG_0472IMG_0471IMG_0474sxsw-natalie-suarez-reef-girls-17

I love you…stay beautiful!