Monthly Archives: December 2020


// Maison Soksi tights, The Great Eros bra and underwear, Manurí blazer //

As we spend time more and more in our homes, I find comfort in my intimates. I am getting extra playful with luxurious lingerie and legwear. Maison Soksi makes it fun to wear stripes and strike a pose. Time to get silly. 


// Lightbox Jewelry halo earrings in blue // 

I am so excited to be a part of the Lightbox Jewelry Season of Light campaign. These lab-grown diamond halo earrings immediately light me up and bring a sparkle to my eye. I find my light when I create in any way, shape, or form. Creating moments. Creating art. Creating beauty. Expressing and story-telling each and every day. When I have on my Lightbox Jewelry, I’m inspired to create even more moments with the ones I love. What is bringing you joy and light this holiday season?

To spread even more holiday light, Lightbox Jewelry is giving you $25 off your purchase using code SUAREZ25. Enjoy! 


// WOS brand overall, vintage blazer, Reike Nen heels, Live the Process headband //

WOS brand, aka Walk of Shame, is a super cool brand based in Moscow that my best friend introduced me to. They have given a whole new definition to the word onesie. This overall is one that can literally go 24 hours with me. I can wake up in it, workout in it, run to the deli in it, and even head to a star-studded party in it. It’s that good. This time, I kept it low key and brought it out it in nature. It hugs the body in all the right places and allows me to move. It’s a win, win. 


// Rotate Birger Christensen jumpsuit, vintage men’s blazer //

This jumpsuit gives me superpowers. For some reason, it makes me feel unstoppable. The curved bust, the cinched waist, and exaggerated hip screams Wonder Woman. It is feminine strength in one simple look. There really is a superhero inside all of us if we’re brave enough to dig deep and find her. She lives by her own rules. She knows her worth. She has clarity. She only does what feels good to her. She’s loving and completely fearless. Nothing can bring her down, only empower her and those around her. My own superpowers have officially come out to play.