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// Rebecca Taylor blazer and skirt, Benedetta Bruzziches bag, Dear Frances boots // 

These are outtakes from a lovely story we shot for Rebecca Taylor’s Le Journal, featuring the Tailored Spring 2020 collection. We sat down with the team to discuss everything from how we style up a suit to what defines a successful woman. To me, a successful woman is intuitive and always believes in herself. She makes bold decisions. She keeps her chin up no matter what and sees the good in every situation. She also likes to take on challenges, all of which create growth in all aspects of her life. Success is certainly a mindset. It’s about feeling comfortable, happy, and proud of who you are in any given moment of time. 

I can always counts on a powerful ensemble from Rebecca Taylor to challenge myself to look inward, and feel amazing every single day. I love this story! 

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// Rebecca Taylor tweed blazer and pant, Tamara Mellon boots //


// Dannijo earrings, Kate Spade tweed topper /

A few portraits taken in my home this week after a long work day with Team Suarez. Find a reason to put on a pretty pair of earrings and your most elegant knit. I promise, you will feel amazing and inspired. I’ll be here, doing as much as I can during this time at home, while dreaming of how I will live life once things begin to feel a bit more normal. I hope our new normal is more conscious and thoughtful. This slower pace has brought me a peace of mind. I have never been home in one place for so long. I’m usually out traveling. I’m usually running from meeting to meeting. I feel lucky to be safe while there is still so much uncertainty in our world’s future. I’m using this time to live in the moment and do more of what brings me joy. I’ve been singing. I’ve been dancing. I really have reconnected to things that are so close to my heart and to my soul. I finally get to have long phone calls and Facetimes with dear friends and loved ones, just because. It’s amazing how now, with our isolation, I have found a real sense of togetherness with everything around me. 


// Tanya Taylor blazer and pant, Ninon earrings, Alameda Turquesa handbag, Falconeri cashmere sweater, Kat Maconie heels // 

It is amazing what color has been doing for my mood right now. I just want more sun. I want more vibrancy. Putting on a pink neon suit along with pops of orange and yellow immediately brings me happiness and gets me going as I work from home. For a quick breath of fresh air, you’ll find me on the rooftop, soaking in every ounce of happy blue sky. Keep things bright everyone! 


This is a very fun and new way of communicating with you all! YouTube! Introducing…the SUAREZ SISTERS YouTube channel.

Dylana and I are so excited to chat with you all a lot more! In our first introductory episode, we’re starting off with a little flashback through childhood photos, and reading aloud some very questionable blog posts from the past decade. Dang, these are funny. Having this time in self quarantine has allowed us to freely express from home, and stay connected virtually. It’s such an important time to be near family, and continue to find love and fun in the smallest of things, even during this difficult time. Nothing bring us more joy then getting to connect with you all, share our story, and find a reason to laugh at ourselves.