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Teva Original Universal sandal.

Nothing excites me more than an all-American summer on the east coast with my Teva family. The moment I slip these babies on, it’s like I’m a kid again. Strapped into freedom year after year, on adventures around the globe. The tour never ends, and I never want it to end. This season, the Teva Outpost stopped over at FireFly Festival just a few hours away in Dover, Delaware. Shooting for such an iconic and timeless brand is a dream, and I look forward to it every season! What I love about the visiting the Teva Outpost is the community that it always brings together. People from all over the world with a simple love of sun, open fields, and a lot of music. There’s happiness flowing around and that’s what I love the most. Besides the Teva originals that I know so well, I have officially become a huge fan of the Teva “Hurricane Drift” sandal. So light and water-proof that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. I paired my Teva sandals with destroyed denim and silky florals. I seriously don’t know what I would do without these on my feet all weekend long. And how can I not mention the music? My top two shows of the weekend? Tyler, the Creator and Lykke Li. These beats will always remind me of friendship, blue skies, and the sweet feeling of a brand new pair of Teva sandals on my feet. 

Teva Hurricane Drift sandal.

Teva Flatform Universal Maressa sandal

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Victoria’s Secret is back with VS Swim and I’m so excited to show you our shoot in Turks and Caicos to kick off the launch! Yep, the Suarez Sisters took on these islands with VS and we got our hands on the full collection. Our home base was a stunning villa at Amanyara, a secluded luxury resort, in between hopping from white sand beaches by boat. The sun was so hot, I could feel my skin immediately tan by just a short little swim in these crystal clear blue waters. I’ve never seen more crystal clear waters. Turks and Caicos is known to be the most iconic location for swim and now I know why. The island brought out the Victoria’s Secret iconic persona within me. Wet hair. Bold feeling. Loads of confidence. That is how VS Swim always makes me feel. That’s all you really need when you’e rocking swim and owning your own body. When not in front of the camera, you can find me hiding out in one of these little private coves on the sand. 


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SATURDAY NIGHT IN vs SATURDAY NIGHT OUT? RIVE GAUCHE vs RIVE DROITE? Our Clash de Cartier campaign continues with Dylana and I in Paris, where opposites attract. The versatility of this statement ring always gives us so much to play with. Whether I’m having a night in, or going out in Les Marais with a red lip, I never take off this ring. It’s both a statement and an everyday piece. That in itself is the meaning behind Clash de Cartier. We even took the campaign to both sides of the Seine river. I represent Rive Gauche. Diverse, eccentric, with a down to earth attitude. Dylana may find bourgeois chic more her thing but together, we can’t help but gravitate towards a little luxury. To work with such an iconic house on their largest jewelry launch ever has been a dream. This is one sister shoot I will never forget. Until next time, Cartier.

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// 3.1 Phillip Lim bucket hat, tank, and leather pants, Isabel Marant blazer, Reike Nen shoes, Bally handbag // 

I brought the beach to Paris this summer in this eclectic Philip Lim floral print. I call this look: metropolitan surfer. I like the contrast of beach-y prints paired with the city classics like leather pants and my everyday blazer, all found on Shopbop. I count on Shopbop to keep my wardrobe updated with quirky new finds. Working with them this past year has been incredible and a match made in heaven. We bond over our love for bold color, funky prints, and scooping up cool trends and up-and-coming designers. I always leave the site inspired to take on a sunnier approach with summer fashion. 

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