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Halloween is just around the corner and I am beyond excited. I’m already stocking up on Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls, and Sour Patch Kids. These have been my childhood favorites, and they still are. Anything super chewy and I’m immediately obsessed. Even with my intense sour tooth, my parents made the health of my teeth super important. I floss my teeth every single night and brush after every meal. Crest has always been my family’s toothpaste of choice. I have to thank them for my smile. Thank you Mom and Dad for caring and taking the time to sit me down, and tell me why it’s so important to spend extra care of my teeth, and not just around Halloween, but every single day. Thank you for still sending me home after the holidays with extra boxes of Crest in my suitcase. Thank you for all of the extra Oral-B toothbrushes you leave under my sink.

I think it will be extra fun to sneak in some Crest toothpastes into some of my trick-or-treaters pillow cases this weekend. I think it’s a good reminder to protect your smile. It’s true that our health starts with what we put in our mouths and how we take care of it. I’ve had multiple visits to the dentist that scared me, or effected my travel schedule or made me have to take a day off work. Even I need that constant reminder to go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of my teeth. With Crest, I know I’m covered and that I can live my life to the fullest with confidence.

Today I’m going to be tempted to dig my hands in a bowl of candy, and I know the parents reading this sure are too. I found it funny reading the latest Crest Halloween Survey. Here are some fun facts from the survey:

-most people (73%) buy more candy than they need for Halloween just so they can eat the extra.

I definitely remember my Dad doing this. The Value Size M&M’s happen to still be his favorite. 

-Only 48% of adults enforce a stricter teeth brushing/flossing routine on Halloween for themselves. However, 70% parents enforce stricter teeth brushing/routines on Halloween for their children.

Nobody likes having candy stuck in-between their teeth on Halloween night! I think that icky feeling after eating a bag of candy reminds us adults to do a good brush! 

-Seven in 10 parents enforce a stricter teeth brushing and flossing routine on Halloween, and 41% compensate for Halloween candy by serving a healthier dinner on the holiday itself or the next night.

It’s all about balance isn’t it?

-Four in 10 adults say they enjoy the holiday even more now than when they were a child. For 37% of these adults, the reason why is because there’s no limit on the amount of candy they can consume

Yep, there’s nobody to tell us no!

So today’s post is dedicated to taking care of your teeth for a healthier smile. Don’t go too crazy this Halloween and remember to use your Crest!

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photographed by Chris Yoon

To be featured again on the cover of the latest Neiman Marcus book is pretty incredible! I’ve hopped out of the pages here to create a few of my very own looks from my most coveted Neiman Marcus designers. Those happen to be Maggie Marilyn and Veronica Beard, all of which you can find at Neiman Marcus contemporary.

You’ll notice a theme here. Ruffles combined with something more masculine, like a checkered pant or killer boot. It’s with Neiman Marcus that I find the most beautiful, wearable pieces. The Neiman Marcus contemporary brands are curated to perfection and you’ll notice it the moment you walk through a Neiman Marcus store, and just with a click through the website. It’s wearable meets high fashion meets “I can wear this every single day.”

This season, I’m taking trousers to the next level this season. Forget anything simple. Think a higher waist, a wider leg, and more nubby wool textures. Paired with my everyday staple, a statement top, I’ve suddenly found my uniform. This screams “take me to a cozy brunch in Brooklyn” while both are strong enough to conquer a last minute work meeting. But it’s really all about how you accessorize right? For something more bold, I went wild with a perfect Akris patchwork bag and Christian Louboutin boot. My everyday basics happen to be this blue Proenza Schouler handbag and white Via Spiga boot. These warm tones makes me excited for fall in the city. To see the leaves change colors. To feel the warmth on your fingertips with a chai latte. Suddenly everything feels fresh, even my wardrobe.

Click to Read More and shop my entire Neiman Marcus looks.

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There’s a brand new drop in-stores at Macy’s from my INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY collection! Time to get your OFF DUTY on. And we called it just that: the OFF DUTY collection because it’s all of your easy go-to’s. Updated track pants and jackets along with gorgeous satin blouses and skirts. Everything allows you to move and groove. Dylana and Deborah joined me at Macy’s Herald Square to quickly check out the floor one very busy Sunday afternoon. The space looked incredible. I adore all the color we used to design this whole line. Think pops of hot pink against navy blues, pops of orange, and burgundy. You can still get your hands on my signature OFF DUTY track suit. Here we are dancing our way through the collection and playing dress up.

Shop the full line here on

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The “Natalie Off Duty” x Veronica Beard blazer for Intermix goes day to night.

We just had the launch party for our exclusive capsule of jackets now available at Intermix here in NYC at the gorgeous Little Owl Townhouse. It was so amazing to see my design on display, hanging so perfectly inside a glass box. It’s so stunning and iconic, that you do just want to put it on display! But today, I’m showing you how wearable and effortless it is, and how easy it is to style from day to night. It’s a bold, everyday staple that’s so luxurious that you’re going to want to show off to the world. I wanted to design a jacket that felt special and unique, but can be worn forever. It stands out amongst the crowd thanks to it’s gorgeous hue, slim fit, and gold button detailing. Rock n’ roll glam. That’s my go-to trend for fall.

For day, I paired it with this stunning Proenza Schouler velvet maxi dress. I like that this touch of velvet and tie-dye together with my blazer. Goth punk anyone? So chic.

For night, I always add in a touch of sparkle. I paired my blazer over a stunning Derek Lam sequined top and chained jean. It’s classic rock n’ roll with a feminine touch.

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