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SINGAPORE PART 2: Katong and Little India

Part 2 of my Singapore guide is here. It may have just be the craziest four days of my life. It was so hot that I wore bikinis as outerwear and spent the little down-time I had on the rooftop pool, soaking in the views of Katong. So much of DNA is rooted in Southeast Asia thanks to my mother. She was born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia. Give this lady a prawn-mee noodle soup and she is the happiest girl on earth. I’m the same way. Best meal hands down. Go on and take a peek at this amazing part of the world. It’s so far, yet feels so close to home and to my heart.

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My days spent in Cognac, France were absolutely divine. I stayed at the Le Logis Grey Goose chateau, one of the most beautiful properties in all of Cognac. I couldn’t stop lusting over it’s stone walls, cozy velvet chairs, and acres of lush vineyard. It felt like I stepped into my very own fairytale. I spent the day biking in my bikini through the town, and nights with the ladies sipping on my favorite vodka cocktail, the Grey Goose Le Fizz: a perfect mix of lemon, sparkling water, and St. Germain elderflower liqueur. Refreshing. Looking back, I miss everything from our decadent homemade meals in the kitchen to late night dance parties in the living room. We thoroughly got to enjoy this beautiful chateau, which welcomes friends of the Grey Goose family to come by and get a taste of the brand’s French roots. And I enjoyed it indeed, spending every sunny moment on the deck by the pool and having all the French bread a girl could eat. I packed loads of soft color palettes that easily blended in with my surroundings. Pastel trousers, soft pinks, a classic beige trench coat, and a ton of bikinis. As for the night, you would find me in silk mandarin style tops, pops of reds, midi dresses, and classic blazers. I even whipped out some sparkle. I could prance around in the French countryside all summer long. It’s sometimes nice to feel far from home, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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This summer has been wild in the preparations of my INSPR-D by NATALIE OFF DUTY clothing collection, launching online and in department stores this September. I can’t reveal where you can shop it just yet since I’m keeping a lot under wraps until the big INSPR big launch party later next week. A lot of you guys ask what goes into making a clothing line, and it really begins with finding a good team. Partnering up with INSPR came naturally. Our aesthetics aligned, they gave me full creative freedom, and their positive energy really just clicked with me! Plus, they’ve been a NATALIE OFF DUTY reader and supporter since day one. Next up, is finding a retail partner that loves your vision and wants to carry that through in store. This design partnership is special in that it will have it’s own very special section IN-STORE that really resonates with both the INSPR and NATALIE OFF DUTY brands. I’m excited that you guys will be able to have that in-store shopping experience and get your hands on something that you can live in. We’ve been working on two collections. One will launch in September, and the next in October. GET READY. With this project, I dug deep in my closet and looked around at what and who really INSPR’s me. I found I’m inspired by the everyday muse. She’s iconic. A muse is someone who stands out from the pack with her individuality. She helps me find the creativity within. These pieces are wearable and accessible, but made for the women who want to stand out. I love designing for the woman who is always evolving with her style. I spent an afternoon creating this vision board that intertwines both moods for the two collections. Notice a bit of romance and a bit of tough girl?

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and info on the launch!!!

CONTEST ALERT: Comment on my IG video to WIN AN INVITE to our launch party in Montauk on Friday, August 24th!

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I know what you’re all thinking: This wetsuit is sick. I took this baby out for a chilled surf session out in Ditch Plains, Montauk with Cynthia Rowley and the team. She really does some of the most insane prints. I admire her love for color and graphic prints with a 70’s inspired touch. The team and I grabbed our glamorous surf gear and though we were hit with gloom and rain, it didn’t stop us from diving for the waves anyway. I’ve been super jet lagged after Singapore so this cold rush from the water really woke up my body and made me feel alive again. I can always count on surfing and swimming in the ocean to suddenly jump start me. My love for the sport began back home in California. Surf and skate culture were a huge part of my upbringing in Los Angeles. I remember modeling for everything surf/skate…my long, bleached locks, tanned skin, and messy bangs completely identified with rock n’ roll surf culture of the time. But it wasn’t until I stepped on my first board in Costa Rica that I became hooked. Then I surfed Nicaragua and Mexico. That adrenaline rush is what I live for. Whenever I catch a wave and stand up, I start screaming and yelling. It’s completely uncontrollable. Conquering even a small wave makes me so happy that I have to shout. Grungy surf style will always have a place in my heart, and I know that the laid-back look by the sea will never go away. I’m taking that part of my style, and elevating it with statement pieces like this perfect paisley wetsuit along with a delicate earring.  I wish I had more time to dedicate to the sport, but I’ll happily make the easy drive out to Montauk for a necessary afternoon pick-me-up.

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