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My friends at Bally have redefined the term “moth hole.” Yes, their latest handbag collection is inspired by the holes and snags we’d find in our vintage wool sweaters. This is bringing back a ton of memories, isn’t it? But how beautiful is this tote bag? Perfect structure, patent leather, and adorble hole design. It’s my travel go-to. So big I can stack in my water bottle, make-up bag, and granola bars pre-flight. Speaking of travel, this week is a bit different for Team Suarez as Dylana heads to Rio, Brazil for a full week, and I’m here in NYC, getting in as much work done before the NYFW storm that she’ll be flying back into come next week. Dy will be sporting teeny bikinis, as I dress in my winter daily: the wooly mammoth. When my partner-in-crime is out, it just means I’ve got to do double-duty! Time to revamp the website with the rest of our team, and catch up on those long lost emails. Be right back.


// Bally handbag, Rodebjer vest, Cardigan New York sweater, VEDA pants, Ouigal booties //



I’ve always embraced the power of pink and fell madly in love when I spotted this bag at Gucci. This color always brings a smile to my face. To me, pink is girl power. It’s youthful, but sleek and feminine. This color immediately reminded me of my childhood and the Bubble Tape gum I would smack in the back of class. It’s Barbie pink. I wear this new Gucci bag with absolutely everything, but I love it most with a full off-white look for a long day of meetings. I’ve been traveling nearly every single week, and so when I’m back home in NYC, I get all my meetings done back to back. Jeans, sweater, super long coat. Done. These basics never have to be boring. I say go with one neutral color and a pop of something unexpected.

I did also want to give a special thanks to all the lovely ladies who came out to the Create + Cultivate conference in Florida this weekend to hear Dylana and I speak. Our panel was all about how to turn your passions into your career. Having been working for over 10 years as a model, and transitioning as one of the first fashion bloggers in this social media/digital blog space, I’ve seen this industry change so, so much. Continuing to be fresh every single day is always worth all of the hard work…from the long hours of shooting, writing, and coming up with new ideas for collaborations and partnerships. I say take pride in whatever it is that you do and represent and always believe in quality versus quality. There’s no real strategy when it comes to running your own brand. Having this digital space is so amazing, but even more amazing when I get to bring it to life and meet my readers in person…so thank you for being your amazing YOU.


// AYR coat, Vintage sweater, AG jeans, Dr. Marten boots, GUCCI bag //



Vogue Japan had me put together an interesting “sheer” look for their latest February issue. I immediately nixed out your typical sheer maxi skirt, or sheered silk blouse. Boring. Instead, I pulled out this super oversized DKNY bomber jacket from my DKNY campaign shoot with the brand about 2 years ago (boy does time fly). This is one piece I got to keep from the set of our photoshoot. DKNY always masters cool, downtown urban attire. So I took this piece from the back of my closet and completely reinvented it. Leave it to me to throw a sheer oversize bomber over a silver dress, fishnets, and a good pair of Valentinos. Topped off with a printed scarf by Etro. It’s funny how many times I can style one piece in my closet in so many different ways. I’m a total minimalist in that way. Less is more when it comes to everything in my life. Home decor. My wardrobe. The products I use on my skin and body. But my outfits a complete mash up of craziness that somehow ends up working. What do you think will be a comeback trend this NYFW? I know for a fact I will be hiding under a giant statement coat bouncing from show to show with a pack of Emergen-C to go. Can’t be too safe in the front row.

vogue-japan-natalie-lim-suarez-4vogue-japan-natalie-lim-suarez-8vogue-japan-natalie-lim-suarez-1Strutting in @voguejapan #Vogue #Japan

// DKNY sheer bomber, TOPSHOP dress, DKNY tights, Valentino shoes, PINKO handbag (similar), Marc Jacobs stacked watches, Etro scarf + Etro sunglasses //



With black, it seems like anything really goes. Dress over jeans? No problem. My California diaries continues. Living out of a suitcase sometimes when I’m on the go for work forces you to experiment. Sometimes I’m away from my home in NYC for over 2 weeks! I had this silk dress hanging in my closet, but for hiking through the back streets of my home town, a good pair of western flares was just what I needed. Cuffed at the edges with a crazy metallic statement shoe. My hometown is a little cowboy town. Cactus everywhere. Ranch style homes. Horses living life up behind the hills. It’s a quiet and mellow place. So hot in the summer you have to crank your aircon so high topped off with a sip of iced lemonade. The left side of your arm super tan from driving in the hot, bright sun. Yet, it’s so cold in the winters you’re literally curling up in your wool sweaters with a hot chocolate. But there’s something I love about being so far out…close to the desert. Let’s just say things are always a lot less complicated.


// Ganni silk dress, All Saints jacket, Hudson jeans, Kenneth Cole boots //