It’s finally a time to embrace this crazy rainy season! When I’m in the colorful Hunter Boots collection, it encourages me to go a little wacky and put on my most eclectic looks for a fun adventure. Their bold and bright rain coat and Core rain boots collection brighten up even the greyest of days…immediately putting a smile on my face. It could be simply dancing in the rain and sticking my tongue out. Remember how romantic kissing in the rain is? Or jumping in the swimming pool before a crazy thunderstorm just for the thrill? There’s so much to love about the gloomy days ahead, and it gives us no reasons to stay indoors. No way does the rain stop me from my morning commute into the city for meetings, even in my favorite shift dress! I like to just toss on my rain coat, throw on a thick sock and my blue Core rain boots and hope for the best! Even some of my best work and photographs were taken on a gloomy rainy day. Leave it to me to take out my camera for an afternoon of capturing images. I love how the clouds naturally filter my photos, giving it a beautiful moody feel. I even love my ice cream in the rain! I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I feel like doing something totally unpredictable. That’s what I love about the gloomy days…the unpredictability. NYC is completely unpredictable, but I’ve learned to embrace it. The subway delays. The new cafe that just popped up down the street. The little park you just discovered when you took the wrong route home. The impromptu down pour.There’s so much satisfaction in getting things done and keeping a smile on your face despite what life throws your way…or what the skies throw your way. Especially when I’ve got a colorful collection of Hunter’s new boots and rain coatright at my fingertips. They’re such a classic silhouette that I can style them for whatever mood I’m in. Wild flower child prints? Check. Tiny mini dresses? Check. Psychedelic scarves? I trust in Hunter to help me conquer all of the funny bits of daily life…even when life throws is a little so called “bad” weather. A little rain only adds a little giggle of excitement when it comes to conquering my day. Thank you Hunter for partnering with me on this post, and keeping the city bright even on the cloudy day.


// Hunter Boots rain coat + Core rain boots, Anna Sui dress, Chloe bag //


// Hunter Boots rain coat + Core rain boots, Free People top, Jill Stuart skirt //


// Hunter Boots rain coat + Core rain boots, Anna Sui top, Jill Stuart skirt , Sandro handbag //


// Hunter Boots rain coat + Core rain boots, Line & Dot dress, Jocelyn scarf //


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