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#NationalCoffeeDay x Sally Hansen


I’m always up for trying a new coffee spot, and I just recently fell in love with Birch coffee after being introduced by a friend. To celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay, I thought it would be a fun idea to collaborate with Sally Hansen to create a coffee bean-inspired nail look. I worked with the lovely Madeline Poole for a nail art style that was both wearable and high fashion at the same time. Together we came up withsomething really quirky and cute, but super beautiful and subtle at the same time. So here is the result of our shoot in Long Island City at the Birch Coffee. It’s a super industrial feeling coffee spot, so totally Instagrammable. It’s also so chill, so I can be sure that I cna focus here to get a lot of work done. With coffee at my table, of course, and on this day . . . with coffee on my nails!

My nails always complete my look, and I love switching up my nail art game. Sally Hansen’s warm color palettes for this fall inspire me so much, and resonate perfectly with my favorite things to do this season . . . like cozy up with a hot coffee and a fireplace.


// Sally Hansen nail polish + Miracle Gel //

Manicure by MP Nails at Birch Coffee. Photographed by @CoffenClothes.



You know how much the Suarez Sisters love our Teva sandals! They hold so many memories for us. From our crazy road trips through the south from New Orleans to Alabama and Tennessee, to those muddy days camping out at Bonnaroo. Oh, and we cannot forget hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica. I can count on them for just about any travel escape that involves what I love most about these past summer months…like hiking, surfing, and exploring. For me, they represent freedom. The freedom to slip them on and be adventurous, feeling closer to the earth, and inspired to try new things. The amazing thing about Teva sandals is transitioning them from summer’s hot sweaty days in the sun, to a chic stroll down the tree-lined streets of Central Park in the city. That’s when SOCKS N’ SANDALS come out to play for us. It’s a trend that Dylana and I absolutely love. We love anything that is completely unexpected, fun, and makes a statement. With the right outfit, it totally works. See how we styled our Teva flatforms and sandals for 5 of our favorite fall activities. It’s a totally refreshing new take on the socks n’ sandals trend that’s hit the runways and we can’t get enough of it.



Dy’s wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crackle in black
I’m wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crafted in white



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal Crafted Leather in tan
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal Ombre in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva x UGG in white // Coming soon
I’m wearing: Teva x UGG in black // Coming soon



Dy’s wearing: Teva Universal Slide in white
I’m wearing: Teva Universal Slide in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal in white
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal in black

#SuarezSisters in collaboration with Teva.



I haven’t had the chance to attend a bachelorette party, since none of my close friends have gotten married yet, but I absolutely love the idea! And since fall weddings are actually a big thing nowadays, it’s most likely that a bunch of you guys will be having bachelorette parties to go to soon. And I’m inspired by the idea. I’ll take any reason to dress up for a girls’ weekend out. Of course, I like to go the more unconventional route with most things when it comes to fashion. Instead of the typical short party dress, how about something longer, darker and more dramatic? This month, I teamed up with Express to create my night on the town look. This Express dress is exactly what I have in mind for my future bachelorette parties. And it feels more fall to me than the typical party dress. Sleek, simple and striking. If I have to depend on a dress to keep me feeling party ready, the dress must be these three things. There’s something special about going minimal and monochromatic. Most of the time, the case is that less is definitely more.


// EXPRESS maxi dress, choker, and earrings //

Falling into Autumn with Saks Fifth Avenue

Tanya Taylor slip from Saks Fifth Avenue
3.1 Philip Lim jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue
Marc Jacobs boots from Saks Fifth Avenue
Chloe purse from Saks Fifth Avenue
In partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue.
Saks Fifth Avenue has got me covered this fall when it comes to keeping me stocked up on all my statement pieces for the season. Every time fall comes around, I can’t help but gravitate towards tomboy looks and warm, earthy colors. All while still keeping my femininity, of course . . . hence, the silky slip dress by Tanya Taylor. Look at how boyish the slip feel with this out of this world 3.1 Phillip Lim light puffer jacket in cargo. The contrast is so extreme, but at the same time, so perfect. As you can see, color combinations are so key in the fall. As long as you got that, you can pull off just about any look I believe! Marc Jacobs patent leather boots . . . how else can I stomp through autumn leaves like a bad ass? And this Chloe bag fits right in with the theme with pops of wine and marigold. The only think missing is a pumpkin spice latte in my right hand, don’t you think?
Check out Saks Fifth Avenue for all your fall color scheme and texture needs. 
saks-natalie-suarez-2 saks-natalie-suarez-6 saks-natalie-suarez-7 saks-natalie-suarez-8saks-natalie-suarez-4