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Getting my DUMBO loft together this year has been insanely fun. My first home in NYC that is finally a real home and I love putting of my eclectic touch to the place. I just felt I needed one last item. Something with color. Something that pops. An unexpected, unique touch that is still clean and minimal, but has a bit of personality. Meet my new dreamy pink chair and matching coffee table by PROMEMORIA. PROMEMORIA is based on Lake Como, Italy and not only is their furniture extremely well made…their high-end designs are unique, playful and so elegantly beautiful. They have antique roots going back to the 19th century, but a love for detail and special designs. Each piece meant to not only be a beautiful piece of art, but also meant to be lived in and loved in. The Vittoria chair in a bright pink velvet was the finishing touch to my home. Where I like to sip my morning coffee on a Sunday morning.

photographed by Emmy Park  

Featuring the PROMEMORIA  “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table.


PROMEMORIA “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table. Check out all of their COLLECTIONS here.

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// St. Roche dress, Coach shoes, The 2 Bandits earrings //



I literally call this look “party on top…casual on the bottom.” It’s rare I find a sneaker that I absolutely love. One that is sleek and classic, and a bit vintage. Tretorn‘s classic sneaker is super retro-inspired. It’s a shoe my Mom and Dad would have worn together in one of their classic 70’s flashbacks complete with neon sport shorts and two matching bikes. But I love this sneaker with a dramatic party on the top. I went with a bold billowing off-shoulder blouse, and some vintage inspired cropped flares. As I’ve grown older, I realized that less is more. You never need to over-style anything ever again ladies.

See my feature on WhoWhatWear and shop the Tretorn “Rawlins” sneaker.


// Tretorn “Rawlins” sneaker, Viva a Viva top, Earnest Sewn jeans, vintage bag //



// Bite Beauty’s MultiStick in Almond //

I forgot to pack lipstick to a recent trip to LA, and my mom handed me the one in her bag. It happened to be a brown by lipstick I’d given her from Bite Beauty in “molasses” a while back. I swiped it on and was hooked to the brand every since. I’m always looking for the perfect shade to travel with. A shade that easily went well with my earthy summer wardrobe. Brown matte lipstick somehow felt sexier, more sophisticated, and actually more natural than my usual red and plum shades from fall. Then, Bite Beauty released the amazing MultiStick literally days later this month. “Multi” meaning it is meant to be put on your lips, eyes, and cheeks! As of late, you’ll see I’ve been addicted to Bite Beauty’s MultiStick in “Almond.” It’s a warm, creamy brown shade that is perfect for wearing day and night. And depending on how much your layer, or blend, you can customize how bold or how subtle you want the color. I was so excited to be one of the first ladies to take them to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal to test drive. I never thought I’d ever use a pink shade on my lips, cheeks, and also my eyelids but it just works. The bolder I applied the Multistick in “Macaroon,” the better the color looked. Plus, it was edgy and something a bit unexpected, but still seemed so natural. The Multi-Stick happens to be the best beauty finds I’ve discovered in a long time. Best for girls like me who hate spending time getting ready. I like my makeup easy and fast. It’s still moisturizing and the color literally lasted from morning to night throughout a hot, sweaty summer festival. Go out and get one babes, you won’t regret it.

Sold exclusively at Sephora, they come in 16 different shades. All neutral but bold at the same time. Depending on how you apply and layer the MultiStick, you can switch your look in seconds. My favorites below.


// Bite Beauty’s MultiStick in Macaroon // 


// Bite Beauty’s MultiStick in Biscotti //


also featuring: Sabrina SL earrings, Wildfox Couture shirt, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Sezane Paris espadrilles //



I teamed up with Cafe Bustelo last weekend to check out their brand experience at the Billboard Hot 100 music festival in Jones Beach, NY. Cafe Bustelo has always been a part of my Hispanic upbringing. The bright yellow can has always been a household staple…its color always stands out in the pantry and the taste is synonymous with how my dad started his day when I was a kid growing up. I can’t go a day without my coffee and I love that I can easily grab a Cafe Bustelo Cool Can when I’m on-the-go running around the city. It’s much needed during these hot summer days and the best way to cool down in between shows at a music festival, like at the Billboard Hot 100. I was stoked I got to represent the brand at an awesome new festival this year (this was only the second Billboard Hot 100 festival). Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to have some fun, take photos, play some wild games, and have some coffee with us.


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