My favorite days have no schedule. Empty streets on a rainy day. Having the local bookstore all to yourself to explore and indulge in a new tale. Picking up a new storybook to soak yourself in for the rest of the day. These are the days of getting to know yourself, learn something new, and get inspired. Simple. Lately, I’ve been going for those throw-on piece especially to get through the muggy summer’s rain. EXPRESS has some killer figure hugging knits made for layering. Laced rompers with an open back made for rolling in bed and to the corner cafe. Sexy 90’s inspired spaghetti dresses layered over a ribbed tee. I gave them a little sass with my favorite EXPRESS hoop earrings and leather choker. Who said simple had to be boring? These pieces are just as expressive as the books I choose to read on the rainiest of summer days, but also easy and simple like coffee on days like this.

Details //Express Romper, Sweater, Dress, Earrings, Choker//


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