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Whenever I find a new adventure shoe I begin to obsess. I love easy sandals and slides that are just as comfy as they look. When I’m “off duty,” I really can’t slide my feet into anything else. Shoes that can easily take me all over the world. I just discovered Sanuk. The brand’s simple silhouettes have the ability to be styled in every single way. You can count on their quality and comfort. They’re the only sandals I packed for my work trip in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Perfect with a 70’s inspired denim mini and some statement sunglasses for breakfast in the Gaslamp district. Flat shoes are sometimes more effortlessly chic than any heel. Especially when I’m exploring a new city. And trying too hard is so out this season. I don’t have to try with this pair and so they will stay with me all summer.

Shop them at Sanuk.


// Sanuk sandals, MiH denim dress, Saint Laurent scarf, Marie Turnor handbag, Miu Miu sunglasses //




I really miss my blue mermaid hair from my Matrix shoot. It’s funny how hair completely transforms what you wear. Your outlook on life. Your vibes. This super vibrant look was pure rock n’ roll. Something I feel gals like Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks would appreciate. The blues, greens, and purples blended so perfectly peeked out with every little dance move. Like a little burst of sunshine wherever you go. Matrix, you really can make magic! I ended up wearing a lot of black leather but adding in that feminine touch with a frilly frock. It’s a look that you just want to sing in, perform in, and rock out in. It’s Monday and all I can think about is the weekend and creating a new playlist. It’s definitely the season of letting your hair down.


// Hair strobing by Matrix //

// Rebecca Taylor dress, Watler Baker leather jacket, Call it Spring shoes, Sabrina SL ring //



Bonnaroo has always been my favorite music festival. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It’s hot. Everyone’s dripping in sweat on the dance floor. And it’s all about being an individual. Wearing all the colors of the rainbow. Dancing barefoot. Making friends with absolute strangers. High-fiving every single person you pass with a simple “Happy Roo!” You just feel everyone’s freedom and positivity. You immediately feel like you’ve left the real world and landed in a peaceful, wacky place that has literally no cares in the world. The only thing you have to worry about is what band is playing next and when you can hit your tent for a quick cat nap.

The Reef crew and I definitely know how to escape and adventure in our own crazy alternate universes. Making our mark and stamping each city with our footprint. Documenting our own stories. You could definitely say Bonnaroo is like an alternate universe. Out in the middle of Manchester, Tennessee! The festival is a grassy campground of smiling, dancing hippies, with one thing in common: the love for music. And you know us at Reef LOVE music. It inspires us to keep going if we’re somewhere out in the ocean crushing a new wave, or traveling to exotic locations for our next shoot, or simply taking on the New York City streets. Right now, I’m currently listening to “American Money” by BORNS and “Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf. I love leaving a new city with a new tune to add to my forever growing playlist. Each song a reminder to live in the moment and feel the freedom we all felt in the crowds, dancing under the stars.

We counted all of our steps over the weekend, and we crushed miles and miles. We had an early morning to hike the Tennesse Old Stone trail. We walked across the famous John Seigenthaler Bridge to the Riverfront. We dancing for hours with our headphones on in the silent disco. Those long days on our feet are normally the best. Our Reef Rovers kept us company every step of the way. 

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// Reef Rover low sneakers, Rover HI-LE sandal, Reef hat, and backpack //



Who doesn’t love a good strapless dress or off-the-shoulder top? Especially in the summer when all you want to do is reveal your new tan. It’s been so hard to find the perfect strapless bra, but I swear by this one by Maidenform. It’s such a pet-peeve of mine to show bra straps with my favorite spaghetti strap tops. Sometimes I’ll be in my closet, looking in the mirror and thinking “everything is perfect except, I need the right bra.” Undergarments to me are special and I love to indulge in a great brand with great quality. It has to be comfortable. I’ve tried so many strapless bras that just don’t sit right, or ones that I’m constantly adjusting. Especially as a woman with a smaller bust, we need something that isn’t just going to go flat. I’ve definitely been to a fashion week party in the perfect strapless jumpsuit only to find that my not-so-cute bra, with the straps tucked inside was actually pulling it down! Emergency!

Maidenform has changed the game. Creating the perfect nude bra with interchangeable straps (some nights I need to go strapless, criss-cross, or halter!). And it won’t leave me fidgeting at the dinner table or dance floor at date night. And with some of my favorite silk pieces, I have to still have that extra support. There are just some clothes you have to wear a bra with! This one gives me a really good shape and it NEVER slips down. That’s the beauty of it. Now I can finally wear my favorite shoulder bearing tops without having the urge to run to the bathroom in case of a nip slip. Let those sexy summer dresses and tops live on.


// shop the Maidenform strapless bra //